Worldwide Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Fellowship

I AM come unto the flesh garments of this world to give unto those with the ears to hear and the eyes to see and the mind which desires to learn and receive a greater portion of the Omnipresent Spirit...the waters of Life which I AM.

Say unto Me within this all-pervading Spirit of Truth that you wish to receive of Me just now. Wherever you may be, I will reach to you flooding your mind and heart with My presence and Power, My guidance and directive purpose for you individually. For each is a part of My Being within the Supreme Being of us all; for I am omnipresent and yet, my Spirit is dependent upon your free will reception of Me in order to come into your life and world each day. In this way, ye shall begin to know Me in my expression as Michael of this Universe . . . Son of the Everlasting Father and the Eternal Son of Paradise sent to guide, nurture, and minister unto all this creation. I AM for all to partake of.

Make this statement to Me directly right within thy own heart and mind: 
"All-pervading Holy Comforter, Spirit of Michael, I ask to receive of your guidance. Please lead me unto all Truth so that I may know with certainty the right direction to take, the highest and wisest thing for me to be doing at this time in my life. Please show me Truth in every way, even those things within me that are preventing my growth and maturing in the Supreme Essence that I AM."

I outpour the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Myself unto you who are reading these words throughout the world. All ye who can receive of Me...who have ears to hear the divine instruction and the inner eyes to perceive Truth and Love...and the willingness to receive of help and guidance...receive of the Comforter Presence and allow Me to guide you unto the Father of all Mercies right within you...for the Spirit of the Father of Paradise exists right within you behind your next breath and as the very animating power and intelligence of you...your nature and identity. Claim this now for thyself and ye shall step closer unto freedom.

Raise thyself unto the Father within you that is your very Selfhood; for He is come to carry you unto eternity...eternal life everlasting. Through thy renewing of your personal human mind into the Greater Infinite Mind, you hold the power to erase all separation in become at one with Him. Call upon the Fire of Love to come forth and erase and quicken all obstructions to Love within your field of receptivity...your personal consciousness...allow your energies to be redeemed by recognizing that all that happens for you is of your own making...through your own use of the force of His Life, His Energy, His Spirit, His Life Force, you set all in motion when combined with your own personal thought, feeling, spoken word, and actions.

Breathe deeply now and take Him into thee. Breathe in thy greater Presence all around you, and as You. Recognize and give to Him all acknowledgement for thy life and existence. Say unto Him, " Paradise Spirit, I give to you all thanks, all credit for everything good and true that has come into my life journey. I desire to be with you, to follow you, to fulfill your will and way which will lead me unto thee in every way possible. I own myself within you. I claim my nature and identity in and as you Father. You are the way, the truth, and the life of my existence. I recognize myself in you, as you, and I give to you all power to awaken me in my identity in you, as you Father."

He is the animating Intelligence and Power that is your nature and identity; and He is the energy that you have been using your entire existence to walk, eat, speak, think, feel, and conduct thy life. He desires intensely to merge with you, to become one with you, and to carry you upward unto full atonement, complete fusion with Him in the sacred initiation of the transfiguration of all error into light, resurrection of thyself into the higher Mind of the Christ or Buddha within you, and the ascension into your own God divinity in the higher octaves of pure light from which I've descended to help guide you unto full freedom and union with the Father Presence.

Seek to find and understand His Will and Intent, and give thyself to it. For that is the quickest route unto union with Him. The One Unified Deity expresses Himself initially as three Persons at the very Source and Center of all things. As the Person of the Paradise Father at the Center and Source of all existence and directly within our own consciousness, He is the Creator of all personalities and He is the paradise Spirit which comes down to travel with you and merge with you to become one eternally capable personality; as the Person of the Eternal Son of Paradise, He pervades everywhere as the Living Word of the great I AM that I AM, and is the very Spirit gravity that gradually draws all life upward...inward unto the Core, Source, and Center; and as the Person of the Infinite Spirit, He is the Source and Center of all Mind and Intellectual Values. He is the God of Action, Healing, and Harmony throughout the Universes of the evolutionary creation. He extends into these local universes as the Infinite Mother Spirit...the Holy Spirit which pervades everywhere and is the Divine Minister and the Fire of Love which you may call upon to erase your mistakes and error. The Father and Son combine to personalize the Creator Son and Universe Sovereign who is known throughout the universe as Michael, and who you know to be Jesus of Nazareth. The Michael lifestream pours out the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter presence as a teacher and guide for all regardless of your religious orientation or philosophical bent. As long as you are receptive to this Truth Spirit...this Comforter Presence, He will lead you unto all Truth and Love which is the Father Principle right within you. He is not merely for Christians or Catholics or one particular sect or creed. He is bestowed upon humanity for all human beings to partake of. The Spirit of Truth is My personal spiritual presence and is the primary way for us to deepen our fellowship. It is the most powerful way for you to awaken into atonement with the Father. The Michael Lifestream is the personalization of Truth... In this Spiritual Presence of the Comforter you will be able to absorb greater consciousness as a pure conviction of Truth and Life. The Comforter is slightly different than the Holy Spirit of the Mother, yet the Comforter is centered within Her being. It is My drawing power to assist you to move thyself into union with the Paradise Spirit within. This Holy Comforter of My being is the guidance given to humanity by the Father. You have the free will choice to reach for Him and make use of this Truth Spirit as your personal Guide and Teacher in our fellowship together.

This is the Threefold Endowment to humanity and to all life everywhere meant to be used to raise each individualization of the One Supreme God...and when you awaken unto the Supreme Spirit you do your part to expand the Kingdom of the Supreme into and throughout the creation of time and space.

I remain thy father, brother, friend, and thy very Self within the Light All-pervading...the Body of the Supreme God.

Michael of Nebadon


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