The Power of the Word Spoken by Its Individualization

Through the power of the spoken word you will be setting into motion energies which build a momentum into light vibration. This inner relationship will be fueled by your choice and free will use to focus and place your life force attention upon the life force itself. A natural and intended expansion and deepening of your awareness will propel you into Light. The purification of your personal energies will become purified by the emanations from your Oversoul due to the bridge of truth, beauty, and goodness that you are building between the two aspects of your being. You will begin to experience a consciousness of the formless, nameless, indescribable essence that is your true identity and nature. Through the right use of your creative free will choices, you‘ll be directing your thought, emotion, spoken word, and actions towards the great quickening of your soul personality into light. This is the full and complete Atonement; the fulfillment of the Plan of Salvation through the Law of Redemption. It was this threefold initiation that was demonstrated by the Christ Intelligence through Master Jesus at that time in history.

You will be inviting the eternal spark of life given to you by the Father of Personalities and all life to expand in you and through you. You are giving it the go-ahead to take full command and control of your life and world and establish Harmony, Healing, and Pure Happiness. There is no other way designed for human life; it will then work towards correcting the age-old destructive conditions, densities, darkness of disharmony that has built an accumulation and a momentum within your Field of Receptivity. You have been carrying this mental, emotion, etheric field through every lifetime of experience; and it is this very field of life that has prevented you from a fuller life within Him until you resolve to clear the atomic structure by calling upon the fire of love to transfigure all into light (more on this as we go forward).

The right use of your conscious mind is the right use of free will and choice. As you ask, cooperate, and then allow for the great I AM to come forth and take full command, it will begin its work of establishing you in a state of permanent harmony. This is the beginning of your relationship with the totality. The degree of sincerity and desire you express in this Atonement process will influence the response you receive back from the Life itself because that life force obeys truth, love, beauty, and goodness. It will not respond to half-curious and semi-intended motivations. Your faith and trust allow for a fuller degree of response from the Spirit I AM.

In your invocations, you are commanding and decreeing Truth to become manifest. By feeling deeply and thinking one-pointedly, you will learn to breathe yourself into the Presence through your heart and mind. You will magnetize that same presence back into your garment of flesh expression. With your desire to purify your personal preconceived opinions and ideas into Truth, your personal agenda will crumble, and your conclusions, assumptions, and preconceived opinions and misidentifications will be consumed by the fire of love. You'll be arriving at the kind of relationship with Spirit that allows for a stronger cooperation with the fragment of Life, the particle of the great Light within you and enfolding you. This will enhance your personal spiritual relations with His Omnipresence. Claiming your true and only identity in Him by perceiving with your conscious mind the subtle and powerful Presence and commanding that your energies vibrate higher and higher, will accelerate and quicken the unfoldment unto closer frequency alignment with the Universal Spirit; Conscious cooperation with essence as it is individualized in and as you will bring forward its fullness.

Creatively imagine and visualize with deep feeling in your heart this great Presence. Earnest and sincere desire is the right use of your emotions; confident and faithful expectation in knowing that the god that you are, is a grain of sand on the great beachhead that can become conscious of being the beachhead itself. This is the right use of thought, feeling, spoken word, and action. Expressing firm demand by using your authority and right, you ability and power as Life itself, and holding with strength to the vision of Atonement is the right and highest use of your free will. Look into a mirror focusing upon your eyes and the Light that comes from your eyes. Perceive the formless enfolding essence and know that all form is merely superimposed on top of this essence of you. When you awaken to that realization, your knowing will become direct and more personal.

Thy Sovereign Son
Michael of Nebadon


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