Rhythmic Breathing of the Primordial Fire

In your daily application of the ancient yogic precepts of the endowment and the seven eyes . . . to bring forth and manifest the pure paradise perfection pattern...let's talk about impregnation  . .  allowing yourself to become penetrated and impregnated by your oversoul energies - the Supreme Being Individualized. Each day in your practicing of this embracing eternity exercise, you must be rhythmically breathing into your field of receptivity the primordial fire love and mercy from your oversoul presence' outpouring.

Little by little you work embracing eternity until that fulfillment of completion when you undergo the majestic eternal embrace. In this way and towards the fulfillment of this Ideal, I share with you embracing eternity exercises which fulfill the law of existence by applying the seven eyes of attainment. The seven eyes of attainment prepare you in living God’s will and intent for your life. The seven eyes of attainment are merely the inner natural power of your human divine selfhood that change the course of your lifetimes into grace and divine destiny.

So, you enter the kingdom by doing his will; and you do his will by fulfilling his law; and you fulfill his law by a daily embracing of eternity … the embracing eternity exercises … which are your natural inherent co-creative powers and divine authority as a child of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Hence, you enter the Kingdom of His Sovereignty which is a permanent part of his eternal being, and you become a part of His Supremacy in this our local universe. 

Michael of Nebadon


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