Retreat unto the Eternal Verities

Every problem and struggle and limitation has its solution within certain causes within the individual – causes that had been set into motion eons ago perhaps, and have been building an accumulation and a momentum of energy either going into greater Light and Love and all those god virtues or the energies have been working all along in opposition to your greatest expansion, healing, happiness, and harmony. 

Ultimately Love and Mercy are two of the most essential qualities because Love and Mercy is the literal glue that bonds all creations, all precipitations, and every manifestation that you could ever hope to bring forth in your life and world. Any personal problems are merely the outer effects that had been set into motion by specific causes long forgotten about within the individual. All possession of inner wealth and riches in love, wisdom, and power, all evolutionary human and spiritual attainment, and all outer achievements are based upon knowledge of the mastery of your Life Force energies. 

All true and lasting success for the soul has its roots and causes within this understanding wisdom and the use and application of these principles and laws – its precepts and powers – must be cultivated and nurtured by you. So the retreat into the eternal verities is a retreat into the deeper and fuller parts of your own being, your own soul, and your own fragment of Paradise which is given as a free gift of Life and Love by the Universal Father – the Absolute Creator of all life.

Our retreat together will be building that strength and clarity for you. You will have many opportunities to dissolve and sublimate all doubt and fear – by invoking yourself into the unchanging Truth and by applying and decreeing or commanding the Fire of Love – the Sacred Fire of the Life Force – to enter into your physical conditions and change all unwanted conditions into harmony, healing, and pure happiness. Educating yourself on these Life Mastery Principles and Powers creates a fertile soil to plant the right seeds that will blossom for you; focusing your time, energies, and efforts on identifying, examining, and erasing the weeds within your field of receptivity; weeds which are akin to being old destructive causes and their erroneous momentums and accumulations that have been operating behind the scenes, disallowing you from progressing more fiercely in your life over a multitude of lifetimes. The destructive energies that had been set into motion by prior decisions and choices in the misuse of your free will have been the energies preventing you from fully precipitating full mastery over your life.

In this retreat, you'll enter into setting into motion new causes and momentums of Light, Life, Love, Harmony, and Prosperity as you create the space within you by extinguishing all destructive rates of vibration which have accumulated within your subtle bodies – physical, emotional, mental, and etheric (the long term karmas and energetic tendencies, the multi-lifetime memories which have stayed with you over the course of every lifetime you have ever lived within the garment of flesh). Ultimately, you will be mastering harnessing the Life Force and the innocent Life energies of the Universal Father which you borrowed long ago to create life’s experiences, walking these energies into the salvation and redemption process which is often simply called transfiguration. You will be mastering transfiguring the vibrational rate of these energies into a higher vibrational rate that is not destructive and which does not have the tendency to degenerate into disease and death. You will be welcoming back into purity and pristine glory these innocent energies of the Father Principle which had become trapped and tortured in density and destructive qualities. There is no greater service anywhere in the universes!

Excerpt courtesy of MIT Master in Training Retreat into the Eternal Verities with Christ Michael


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