My Comforter Spirit Protects and Guides You

Contemplation: God is everywhere present; the Universal Father rules the circle of eternity. But he rules in the local universes in the persons of his Paradise Creator Sons, even as he bestows life through these Sons. “God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Sons.” These Creator Sons of God are the personal expression of himself in the sectors of time and to the children of the whirling planets of the evolving universes of space. 

And so, I share this quote from the Urantia book revelation with you here as a Living Ideal for you to consider; for no one comes to the Father but through His Son and the sons of this Original Paradise Son. So, truly I would have you reach unto Me...through the Spirit of Truth which pervades thy being and by which I may outpour unto each of you who are studying with me personally here this refreshing and reinvigorating Water of Life, while I tend this garden of flesh for the few moments I am within the earth in this way; for this Spirit is My Spirit with the Father and the Son together as One Personalization for you - to protect you, to guide you, to love you, and to show you the way and approach to the Father of all existence who indwells thy soul and energy field desiring to merge as one being with you. In this way the pre-personal Spirit of the Father gains personalizations as you, and you gain the spiritual consciousness of immortality with Him eternally enhancing your personality and individuality as a unique expression of the Supreme God. 

When you invite Me into thy private meditations and communions with the indwelling Father Principle, and if you are receptive and in reverence to the Ideal that we share together, and as you trust in Me and have faith in our association . . . I am able to allow you to feel more potently and fully My Comforter Presence with the intention to have you gain a more profound experience of your own divine presence...your godhood at one with the Spirit of the Paradise Father indwelling and enfolding you.

Invocation: Paradise Father Spirit Indwelling, All-pervading Eternal Son, Omnipresent Immaculate Infinite Spirit … Expand thy Glory and Power throughout the field of humanity; establish thy Kingdom of Sovereignty in the hearts of each and every Individualization of thyself . . . let each soul become raised up unto thy glory and honor; Quicken all humanly misqualified and imperfect vibration within the Life Force ‘I AM’ unto thy Will and Perfection.

Invitation: “I AM thy Immortal Omnipotent Primordial Fire, the fuller expression of all you Desire.”
“I AM thy Seamless Crystal White Garment of Light, Ruling throughout with Omnipotent Might.”

Thy Sovereign Son
Michael of Nebadon


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