Living Science of Eternity

I am teaching you of the Living Science of Eternity which when applied by you daily awakens your existence upon the very shores of personal immortality. This is what the Eternal Verities are. This is the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and how to approach Him within thyself; not by following any outside source apart from thy deepest greatest selfhood . . . thy Godhood brought forth to perfect and quicken the limitations, aging, self-destructive impressions and tendencies within thy field of receptivity...thy life field of thought, emotion, memory, records, and causes for all the outer effects that you each have set into motion over the manifold lifetimes of your personal explorations, maturations, and developments as a Sun of Righteousness; for the Life Force of the Godhead exists as the electronic particles and atomic structure of all thy energies within thy field. These are the sacred verities of eternity... the eternal inner understandings of the Kingdom of Heaven which I gave forth to those closest to me during that time back in the days of Galilee.

I am offering to each of you, if you do not have it already, The Spiritual Promise of Life Everlasting booklet which also comes with the Embracing Eternity Exercises booklet.

Email our office if you'd like to receive it from us as a God Free gift to you.

Michael of Nebadon


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