Letter to Michael from a New Aspirant

Hello Michael.. good evening to you my friend..
I have never felt so strong and confident before as I am today.. My knowing and feeling of I being the One God Force has been greatly enhanced and empowered by my continuously efforts on bringing that density and darkness that is imposed upon my God Force to dissolve.. to quicken it.. to accelerate it BACK into whence it came from.. the One Force that I AM, and that is everywhere present.. My invitations and decrees are a much more natural part of me, and I'm doing it without much thinking and hesitation.. My trust, faith and confident is increasingly becoming a knowing of the Precepts/Ideals, the Flames of our Brothers and Sisters and the guidance and leading of my Father Spirit within me.. In such short time Michael.. as you know.. like 3 months.. I've already come to this state!.. This natural relationship with the Precepts/Ideals, Flames and my Father Spirit.. I feel and experience myself to be a true Son of the Father, and our relationship is as real as a taste of the water.. If not more Real and even more giving than the water, and it even brings and end to my thirst much better and more fulfilled than the water.. His energies are intense, vibrating Life.. and when I feel it the most, it is the best feeling.. I vibrate with the Life that I AM.. and this has come to my realization simply because of my transfiguration of my density, darkness and heavy thought that has separated the Life from within with the Life from without.. Simple as that.. I love my Father, for He has truly kept His promise of a life more abundantly and successful.. Bless Him.. I could no no else than to worship Him and His Glory and Grace and Magnificent devotion to Me, and all His creatures..

With love for you Michael, and the Father we all worship and love so intimately..


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