Divine Mirror

All that you are experiencing in your life right now and at this lifetime is reflecting back to you what you hold to be real and of value regardless of whether or not it is to your liking. It is a reflection and a mirror image and symbol of the qualities and virtues that you have been making real and true for you, and the qualities that you have been holding valuable. This is the great learning of lifetimes of expression. When you finally decide to hold valuable all that is Pure and True in God, then you will be given the ticket of opening your heart and mind to the divine inheritance and immaculate conception that God Himself holds for you through the indwelling Paradise Spirit that walks with you in each and every moment of your pathway. The immaculate conception is the living gospel and ideal that is God's Will and Intent . . . His plan and design for you, and He allows you to come into it naturally without forcing you or compelling you to arrive at His Truth. You, of your own decisions, character, and choices must freely will for thyself, and whatsoever you will for thyself becomes your reality over time.

'I AM' is another word symbol or name for the Almighty God force everywhere present and at the Godhead. When you invoke the 'I AM' using that name you are giving recognition and acknowledgement, honor and praise unto the One God Source and Center, and you are including that you are a living part of Him...a member of the Body of the One God. You are His Individualization . . . His Personalization . . . within time and space creation. You are God localized and personalized and individualized made in His image in that you hold creative attributes within your own microcosmic domain . . . your individual domain of life. All that you are and have been experiencing in your life is of your own making because you have this creative power through thought and feeling, attention and focus. Wherever you place your individual attention and focus, and whatsoever you make real and accept as real and true for thyself, sets into motion or movement vibrational changes which continue to act in your personal existence over lifetimes of expression until recalled and redeemed by you, its personal creator. You are a creator within your own personal universe, your own domain and life field. You create the destiny for thyself according to this creative power, and the beam of magnetic attraction that you hold within your consciousness is your single most powerful gift from the Paradise Father indwelling you.

Invitation: "I AM the Consuming Power of Sacred Fire Love annihilating every imperfect vibration within the Body of Humanity."

Christ Michael


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