The Paradise Trinity Endowment

The endowment of which I speak is the divine network that you must use in order to attain greater realization and actualization in thy godhood. It is the way by which the higher energies and intelligences reach into you during your application of the Seven Eyes. Each day, as you aspire to greater Truth, a clearer and cleaner understanding of the eternal verities, you reach for and invoke, you invite, you invision and impregnate thyself with the divine intelligence energies from these circuits of the Universal Father. Your most potent place to discover your connection with these circuits is the Father's Spirit indwelling thy heart and mind. As you see herein, My Holy Comforter Spirit pervades thy soul and being and is one of the seven influences that you may call upon and invite to help you become one in your energy, your mind, and your heart with the Father;'s spirit within you. 

So, you have these seven divine intelligences and influences and you have the seven eyes precepts to approach these circuits of Paradise. Entering into the Kingdom of Sovereignty allows you to become the living Pattern of Paradise Perfection. It is the way that I and the father have designed this local universe for you and all beings to make your almost never-ending ascension of the progressive spiritual attainments available to you once you have become a universe citizen . . . once you have transmuted thyself into the Kingdom of Sovereignty and become a member of the Kingdom of Supremacy. Sovereignty allows you to partake of the Father's Sovereignty as an immortalized, personalized, individualized part of the Supreme Being. Supremacy gives you the right and the ability to eternally do the Will of God within this local universe by participating in the endless service opportunities to share your creative gifts and powers...

1. The bestowed spirit of the Universal Father is the doorway into the Kingdom of Sovereignty and Supremacy.
2. The spirit presence of the Eternal Son is the actual gravity of Paradise that draws all intelligences upwards.
3. The spirit presence of the Infinite Spirit is the universal spirit-mind of all creation, the spiritual source of the intellectual kinship of all progressive intelligences.
4. The spirit of the Universal Father and the Creator Son is the Spirit of Truth and Holy Comforter, generally regarded as the spirit of the Universe Son.
5. The spirit of the Infinite Spirit and the Universe Mother Spirit — the Holy Spirit, generally regarded as the spirit of the Universe Spirit.
6. The mind-spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit — the seven mind-spirits of the local universe that minister to all evolving creatures in order to develop and mature the spiritual attitudes of eternity.
7. The spirit of the Father, Sons, and Spirits — the spirit of the ascending mortals of the realms after the fusion of the mortal spirit-born soul with the spirit of the Universal Father. The Immortal Host of Heaven participates in this seventh circuit. Also, after a being has attained the levels of divinity and glorification of the Paradise Corps; those who have stood within the very Presence of the Spirit, the Son, and the Father.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon


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