My Comforter Spirit

The first mission of the Spirit of Truth . . . My Comforter Spirit . . . is to nurture and foster truth. . . to make truth personal for you. Understanding truth and applying its precepts allows thy freedom to blossom. The bestowal of My Spirit within and around thee will greatly prepare thy mind to receive the Father's Spirit which desires inordinately to blend and eternally merge with you. It awaits thy willingness to share your journey with Him who is God fragmented and indwelling and enfolding thee. My Spirit of Truth is actually the spirit of both the Universal Father and My own Spirit, while the Eternal Son pervades thy spiritual octaves all around us, and the Infinite spirit and His personalization, the MOther Spirit, is omnipresent and ministers to you maturing thy mind and preparing you to receive of the Father's Spirit eternally. This is the only way that you are able to actualize and grow forward.

As I have outpoured My Spirit of Truth upon mankind it will foster our fellowship as you traverse the ever deepening inward roads of thy sonship and daughtership. The Comforter will not make itself known to your intellect, but it will make you ever conscious of our communion and fellowship together regardless of where I am.

This Spirit would not speak of himself. Only your personal fellowship with me will be enhanced for all time and space. This same Spirit will help you to recall and understand My words, and it will illuminate and reinterpret My teachings for you . . . for thy salvation unto life eternal through building the seamless garment of eternal life for thyself.

My Comforter Spirit pervades thy field of life and when you are willing to receive of Me, I am thus able to lead and guide you in a very personal way into the expanding knowledge of genuine spiritual realization relationship . . . the experience of the living and growing spiritual consciousness of the reality of eternal and ascending sonship with God.

~Michael of Nebadon


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