Invoke and Invite His Glory

His Omnipresence is individualized directly above you as thy omnipotent “I AM” … sometimes I call it the Oversoul presence. As it extends Itself into these lower octaves or gradations of Life it is also personalized as thy higher Intelligence. Ask and invite this higher Intelligence to work through you and expand the God Force of Itself … we do this through the Seven Eyes of Attainment each day applying the precepts of this ancient Yogic approach.
As you ask and allow, as you invite this higher Intelligence to come and take dominion and set all things right…into a state of righteousness which is alignment…not self-righteousness, but God righteousness…then all thy lifetimes will begin to transfigure and you will begin to balance every particle of energy that you have ever misused destructively or in error; everything in thy field will transfigure into light and love. You will be attaining completion of your earthly evolution and you will become receptive to embody this higher Intelligence which comes into thy field and takes up residence as necessary carrying you into the completion of thy journey of maturation within the earth.This is the transfiguration of all darkness and density into light within thy soul field, and it is the awakening of thyself into your own resurrection and ascension; the return of thy soul field and personality into the higher octaves of existence. This, in itself, is merely the very next stage of soul growth and development which must, and I say must, be accomplished by you. You either take this new and higher trajectory into the life more abundant or you recycle thyself back into the endless stages of birth and rebirth within this level of existence. I heartily recommend that you study with me, take this knowledge and apply it to thy existence, and begin to see for thyself the glories that await thee beyond the nursery school of this octave of existence.
God is not some being far away or merely omnipresent that you somehow dissolve into when you arrive in ‘heaven’. There is no such place wherein you arrive for all eternity and then…do what? The First Creative Center and Source has designed a way for all creatures of the evolutionary worlds to eternally progress and attain greater and greater states of expression using their inherent gifts and creativity. True, God is Omnipresent and at the Center and Source, and He dwells within all Lifestreams…and all existence everywhere…and most powerfully for you, He dwells as thy individualization right within thy heart and directly above thee, especially for thee to move into at some certain point in time. In this higher aspect of thyself, as thy oversoul, He is the Source of all thy energies and intelligence, all power and presence extended to you here in this octave. You are the ‘hands and feet’ of the great I AM directly above you…extending to you as thy Life Force Energy.
Give thy daily consistent devotion and attention, thy concentration and consecration, thy surrender and sacrifice of temporal things into this indwelling animating power of intelligence and presence which desires to expand Its presence and power in you, through you, by you, for you, and as you. Ask in faith and trust, and allow Him to expand throughout thy field of receptivity … thy soul field. Let Him take dominion and control over your energy and vibration by cooperating with Him, not as a separate being apart from thyself, but as thy highest Selfhood that you desire to expand into and allowing Him to express all the goodness, truth,and beauty that is impressed within thy being.Through this ancient yogic approach of the Seven Eyes of Attainment, you come to understanding the law of existence and how to apply the precepts of this law to re-weave thy error and misuse of His energies back into the purity, pristine identity, and divine nature that is yours to claim and take ownership. It is thy divine inheritance which I and the Immortal Host of Heaven hold in reserves for you until that time and day that you have matured and grown into fuller accountability and mastery wherein you can embrace eternity, embrace thy creative power. Where you are willing and able to become the authority for thine own life force energies; for ye live, and move, and have thy being in God the Supreme …and His Individualization exists at this moment directly above you with the Will, desire, and intention to raise its physical aspect and personality of you into Its Glory and Perfection. ~Michael of Nebadon
— Christ Michael of Nebadon responding to an aspirant at His retreat


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