In the Consciousness of Christ Jesus

I want to tell you of this extraordinary way of approaching your life through what I am calling the existential and the experiential relationship. In your daily contemplation know and understand that there is a higher part of you which exists in higher octaves of pure Light and which is the place from which you originally descended into the material world within the earth. For you to have the fruits of fulfillment in your worship and devotion to God it is essential for you to do two things each day:  First, actively building a living bridge into the eternal through the existential relationship with your higher aspect; call it the Christ or God or higher me or anything you wish, yet it is in the sincerity and desire to be close to this higher self of you that is the key to your success. Second, extending that relationship realization into your experiential relationship with all of those people who are in your life experience is the key to the fulfillment of your life as a human being. Both of these approaches must become fulfilled in order for happiness and fulfillment to come your way. Expanding into the existential relationship and actively participating in the experiential relationship with ‘the body of Life’ are the requirements and the sacred keys into your expansion into immortality within the eternal octaves of pure Light.

Existential & Experiential Relationship
The vertical existential and the horizontal experiential relationship with Eternity are the two directions by which we can realize the attainment of our efforts in contemplation and attunement into the divine One. Learning how to relate with and identify into the existential you that is the very fabric of all existence, as well as learning to express and realize the experiential you that is evolving and expanding within time and space. Relationship with both of these elements will provide for you the necessary nurturing to build a foundation establishing your consciousness securely into the Divine Reality. These are the keys towards creating an extraordinary life. Your approach into becoming immortal passes through the phase of becoming pure consciousness once again as you live within the earth and simultaneously preparing each day to raise up your frequency vibration closer and closer into the vibrational frequency of that higher Christ part of yourself. So, understanding this approach means knowing how to bring balance and harmony to all of your relationship energies. Drawing down through you the pure divine Substance of your higher, unifying your personality into alignment with the higher as you clean up your world of appearance and dissolve the phantom self, and finally, sharing and extending the pure love of the higher relationship realization into this world to those around you in a very quiet way. Just heal and bring into fulfillment the relationship with that significant other if you have one, and that would be a major success.

In this way you will be walking consciously knowing that you are an expression of the whole acting through the human form. I have come to realize that I am the totality expressing through the human form, and that the totality I am here and now is but a spark of the whole. Yet, I am identified as being the whole whereby my mind is no longer split and splintered. The value of this is that I have access to divine intelligence or a much more expanded intelligence which I am in cooperation with, as I am guided and directed to serve the totality. I have yet to discover anything more fulfilling than this.

There is a Nectar divine which sits as a fountain within the energy of your human form, but you must become disciplined and receptive to opening up the inner doorways to drink of this ‘amrit’ that will quicken you into the eternal Life everlasting. It is your destiny to make conscious and self directed effort in the direction of Oneness with God, and the single most powerful approach into this endeavor is to turn inwards and upwards to relationship with the higher ‘Christ’ form of yourself. This is the Source from which you may learn to drink the divine nectar or amrit. Your higher form is directly connected into your own Soul Presence from which you are a descended aspect within the earth world. This higher form and Soul presence is the originating power and intelligence of you. Its direction and nurturing, and their sustaining powers allow us to think and feel, worship and pray. It outpours the energies necessary for us to exist here within the earth world. Quite clearly, it is the Source of your individuality and your destination in the unfoldment of the transfiguration of you here into Light vibration, the resurrection of your human life into the higher Christ form and the ascension of all this into your Soul presence. It is to this divine Self that you are to give all power, all authority, and all intelligence for your life. The more you do give over your power and will to it; It will express through you the powers of eternity. You will be building a living bridge into the infinite where you are next headed if you follow in this way. Will you meet the challenge to enter into an eternal relationship with the Source? To know and understand your own existence and to expand into something greater than what you are as a human being.

We have not become sincere enough to invoke true and lasting change. We earn the right to advance every step of the way by our conscious effort and determination. It isn’t possible to advance from one stage of development into another without true effort and sincere worship of the ideals that we seek to become. There is no such thing as magic and supernatural phenomena. These are manifestations of the creative order of the universe and are invoked into the realm of the visible by one who becomes adept at aligning with the Law of life through intense faith and trust.

I will tell you . . . the water that I have to give to you is as a wellspring into the Eternal. Drink of this and you will become saturated with the divine intoxication of truth and God realization. These living waters are like an ambrosial potion that will turn your heart and mind inwards and ever upwards into the higher part of yourself where you will find your true Identity. During the ambrosial hours of the early morning, you may make your attunement by listening for and becoming immersed into the voice of the Infinite. Push upon this inner doorway and then step back to receive the outpouring of pure divine nectar. It is in this way I can be of immeasurable assistance to you to open up the circuits of the Source within you. Breathe deeply in your daily sessions alone and in a safe place where you can let go and give yourself to the Spirit directly within you. As you can become still first in your body, and then through your mind and heart focusing inwards and upwards and pushing upon the doorway of eternity. Let that inner doorway then swing back out to you. So it is an exercise in being assertive and then stepping back and becoming more passive and receptive in your relationship and receptivity of the infinite One. It will then flood your mind and feeling world with its vibratory emanations, dissolving gradually your separation and confusion in identity.

For as Above, so Below
As in the lesser, so in the greater
The inner is a blueprint of the outer
and the outer is an exact reflection of the inner.
It is wisdom to know that what governs
 the outer is a Law in the inner.
                                                                                 Hermes Trismegestis

As you focus within and listen actively with the desire to merge into His vibrational voice, allow your mind to be penetrated in this communion exercise. You are essentially transferring your lower vibratory substance for the higher Christ frequency of yourself. In this way you will understand that God is what you are. Continue listening inwards perhaps with ear plugs so as to make the listening less distracted by outer sounds, and relax your mind and body in this eternal Amrit or divine nectar which is extended to you from the Higher and which you may imbibe as a vibratory substance that is as a food from the heavens.

Remember, it is the emptying of all things that will make you full. I see that you already are the presence of God. This omnipresence is just like the great ocean of being that is everywhere, as everything, and as everyone. Yet each person is not yet aware that they are this one presence, and it is this conflict of doubt and misunderstanding that has brought more confusion and disharmony into the human world. Become still throughout your day, attune to the Spark, then the Higher Mind, and even deeper build that bridge to your Oversoul by simply entering into relationship with it.

I behold that I am one with the presence of God all-pervading. I experience that I am this pure consciousness that is conscious of Itself in this human form and in all hearts and immersed within the One Mind. This is not a mysterious act, nor do you need to go anywhere to attain this higher relationship. It is right within you, if only you would turn inwards with your attentive focus and contemplate this great Reality.

In contemplating Reality and attuning into this pure and fulfilling state of consciousness, I behold myself . . . my deep inner Self, as God. Not a God that is separate from its creation dwelling in some far off, hidden place, non-compassionately beyond all human sufferings, but a living and breathing supreme consciousness that is the being behind all forms. I know myself to be this being and as I look inwards and see You, I know you too to be that very same One. Behold . . . see yourself as the nameless and formless being, claim what you are and spend your time and space attuning and refining this realization. There is nothing out there to attain once you have become conscious of this holy fact of your existence. The formless Reality is who and what you are.

I know myself to be the formless God more than the form of a human person. For this reason I have come within the earth to share of this realization and identity shift that is so necessary for you. You must tip the balance and begin to see and recognize that you too are the very same formless being that I find myself to be. I experience that I am this all-pervading Ocean of pure consciousness, and at the same time I experience myself in the form as the “wave” of being a human person. But my overriding knowledge and identity is that I am formless and infinite and eternal in nature and identity.  All the apparent form is within Me, as Me the formless One God. I see you as the very same thing. This consciousness is not the end to our realization, but the very beginning. I cross over the bridge into Reality once I am faithfully willing to claim this for myself. I cannot claim it for you, but I only come forward in this demonstration to point the way and to tell you from my heart that it is possible. You too are this One Presence. It is the beginning of my fulfillment, as I embrace and become absorbed into this unchanging and always expanding Consciousness.

For you to contemplate and sincerely desire to know that you are this all-pervasive intelligence consciousness, not merely as a theory which you might subscribe to, but as an ongoing faith-trust realization experience, is the single most important ingredient towards attaining your true freedom from human unconsciousness. The civilization of human beings at this moment in time is very much a cult. It is a cult that would prefer to keep you in a state of fear and disempowerment and unconsciousness, misinforming you of your true right and power as a divine creation. I am here to tell you of your rights and true identity at one with the omnipresent God force. As you embrace this expanded realization you give yourself a chance to receive in a much greater way than when you hold yourself in false humility apart from the total or whole.

Contemplating is perhaps a more powerful action than going off and meditating in a corner somewhere. As you create the time to do both meditation and contemplation your life will unfold more powerfully, yet spend your days in contemplation that you are the presence of formlessness that is vastly intelligent and love made manifest. This is what I know you to be. This is the good news that I have come forward to share with you and to help you to know and realize. You and I are everywhere, as everything, and everyone. This one primal self is made of pure and glistening Spirit, untouched by the foulness and taint of the worldly way, and all-powerful to change any and every circumstance of disharmony and conflict into perfection and eternity. It is only that we must abide by the laws that govern the universe. We must only align and apply with diligence the Law of our being and all things will unify into goodness.

I would ask for you to contemplate the idea that as the all-pervading Consciousness, all the form resides within you. I experience that I am this formless One whereby all forms are mine and I have become one with all hearts. I am everywhere as the ocean saturates all the space within the ocean atmosphere, I find that I am awake to know and experience being the omnipresent ocean of being. Is this the end of all realizations? It is merely the very beginnings of this awakening realization of what already is. Do you understand that you are already this One consciousness? You only must raise up your life and awareness to meet yourself in the ‘heavenly state of consciousness. Rise up; find the courage to persevere past all your doubt and fear and confusion and lack of faith. Become raised unto the glory of the divine One and become permanently free!

It is for us to know this reality that all the form is thought and emptiness . . . divine emptiness, and this pure divine emptiness is our true formless identity. I say, all the form is within you, your body is within you the formless One. Contemplate this reality for yourself because I can see that you are there with me and we are together as this One. You only must embrace this realization for yourself through sincere effort and determination to dissolve your obstruction to this realization. Make no mistake about this; all is pure Spirit manifesting as the creation. Your body, thoughts, and feelings are truly Spirit manifesting as the formed creation. There is only this One Body that we are and all creation dwells within you and I. We are working to have the presence of us saturate into the creation, where all becomes raised up into divine Light.

Become in tune with indwelling Spirit during the early hours of the morning when the atmosphere is more still, and where you have yet to build up residue in your consciousness from the thinking of the day. There is a vertical relationship that you can build into your own higher presence that is clear out of the earth, and it is into this facet of your soul that you can expand as you raise up each day the lower vibratory element of your human experience. Place your focus and devotion into this higher aspect and talk to it, walk with it, listen for it within the depths of your inner being. It is there awaiting your desire to connect with It, and when you do seek to come closer, it will take no uncertain steps closer into you. Placing your attention and focus, your security and comfort into the Spark within will open the avenues for this connectedness to become an ongoing experience.

If you truly place value on the divine One, and you sincerely desire to know what God is, and to experience the realization of your identity in that, then learn to slowly withdraw your energies from the appearance world and the phantom self which cannot give you anything of lasting value. Again, the world of appearance and the phantom desires for endless sensory stimulation and immediate gratification simply cannot give you anything because it is merely the effects of which you energize each day with your attentive focus. Take your attention off of the outer world and place it into Reality. Time and space is ever-changing and never fulfilling itself, but it needs your energetic focus for it to live. As you withdraw your attention, you begin to starve your personal creation within the appearance world, dissolving all conflict and tension within your consciousness.

There is simply no time to waste in this great feat to realize your existence and place a value upon your life. As you expand your understanding of yourself only good can come of it. It is essential for you to understand that you don’t have a life ‘out there”. You are the Life force and you bring the Life into this reality of time and space. You bring the Life when you have the faith to recognize that you are this Life. Your spiritual faculties become enhanced a thousand-fold through this recognition. There is no need to find a life, or get a life out there. That is the pre-programmed way of the ‘cult of society’. Perceive the Life everywhere as you perceive that same Life as you. Know that you are the one power and presence that gives life to the appearance. You sustain the appearance conditions in your life, such that, if you want them to dissolve you must simply refuse to place your focus upon what you don’t want. Focus upon the Reality that you are and observe as all tension and doubts evaporate.

Don’t attempt to understand God or this path of realization from the mind, but simply give yourself into it as an expansion of your faith. True faith is acknowledging that something which is nameless, formless, not able to be seen, or tasted or touched through the senses, yet it is the primary, motivating, and originating power from which all the created form is birthed. It is the supply and substance that is the sustaining element which nurtures us, giving to us life and the power to think and move and feeling and desire to know the real from the false. This presence is something to be experienced, not understood through a mental-rational process. Indescribable, ever constant, able to be contracted and expanded through the power of our consciousness; this mysterious omnipotent Substance that is Life is the most precious commodity of all.

Because you are the One reality, you have the right, the power, and the ability to command through your free will all outer tendencies of thought and emotion to become still, silent, and purified into Light. Every human being is continually using energy and divine substance throughout their day and evening. You and I are always using our divine presence to create vibration and form through our individual consciousness in each moment. By becoming still within your mind and making a conscious use of the relationship with the Spark within you, you can call forth from within you the force of purification by which all imperfect energy will become dissolved in your life. As you make that connection with your higher aspect, you give it the power to outpour through you the purifying fire of Love. This attunement contact is the single most important activity that you can do for yourself. In this relationship you allow the energies from above to pass through your mind and emotions and physical body, dissolving the lower vibration and raising all substance into the vibration of Light. Attune to the higher and become free of all human limitations and disharmony.

It is in the asking!

When you speak with the authority of being conscious of yourself as the one Consciousness through recognizing and identifying with It, you increase your empowerment tenfold. It is a requirement that you recognize the presence of yourself as the one and only power, the only intelligence that can act in your world. If you say that you believe in God, then you must make the leap of faith to understand that this force we call God or Spirit is the only power and presence to be found anywhere. Believing in two powers - for example - you as a person and then God somewhere within you, is to sustain the belief in two powers, two entities, and two beings. This is absolute falsehood. Enhance your personal empowerment by dissolving your notions of the two into One. This is perhaps the greatest alignment that you can do, and to speak from the consciousness of the One will greatly enhance your healing and conscious realization. Know that you are the One consciousness that is called God, the very fabric of universal Light omnipresent, and begin to wield the power of being pure consciousness, as you quicken all divine substance into Light eternal.

Attune into the higher relationship with the Christ above you and contemplate your oneness in identity throughout your day and evening if you so desire fulfillment and happiness. As you do these things, your human experience will become aligned with unconditional love and supreme realization. In each moment that you choose to focus your personal consciousness into being conscious that you are consciousness Itself, you will be re-aligning your thought and emotion into the vibrational frequency of eternity. Acknowledge the one presence and intelligence, then claim it as your own self in every thought and action that you take. In this way you will become a living generator that draws to you all love, wisdom, and power to act accordingly in each moment. The freedom you will experience through this singular focus is the fulfillment of living a successful life. It is not in achieving all these outer accomplishments where you will discover fulfillment, but it is in the obedience to the great Law of creation and the right alignment with your true identity that happiness will blossom. Turn within and make a conscious effort to connect with Reality and allow the outpouring of that perfect divine radiation to saturate you as you dissolve into the One.

This attunement and relationship to the higher part of yourself is attuning to the divine nectar, the living Word, spoken of in the ancient texts of some of the major religions of the world. This Word is another way of saying Spirit or God or Consciousness, and our relationship to this Principle is the sacred trust that we activate through our devotion and attentive focus; when you say ‘I AM’ and then follow that statement with a quality, you are unleashing the power of creation to act for you and to go forth and create vibration with your signature on it. When you discover that you are living within the effects of this creative act of yours, then, it is only through your use of the conscious flame from within your being that can permanently consume for you all imperfections that have arisen. As you merge your personal consciousness with the universal, and as you attune each day to this divine reality, you will see a tremendous shift in the way your life plays out. All imperfect qualities within your consciousness and also within the projected appearance world will become dissolved and this dissolution becomes for you the very consciousness that you seek. Your greater consciousness is caught within the density of the phantom self and its world of appearance manifestations.

Allow yourself to trust so deeply that you are unwilling to carry anything unto yourself. Place all power and authority within the higher facet of you and allow yourself to become flooded with the radiant outpouring of pure Love.

He who perceives Me everywhere, and beholds everything in Me,
never loses sight of Me, nor do I ever lose sight of them.

It is an unconditional surrender into the Christ above you, and I mean ‘unconditional’, where you place no human conditions on how you think it should look and what you want the Christ above you to do for you. No! As you work on this relationship each day you will be letting go of your human ideas and agenda and erroneous human desires that lead you nowhere. It is all about making yourself receptive and cooperative so that you are ready to do for the Christ above you. This higher facet of you is so beyond your human experience that it is clear out of the atmosphere of the earth, yet it understands perfectly your human predicament and obstructions. This ‘unconditional attitude’ will give you the most powerful response from that higher part of yourself. The key is making sure that every level inside of your human self desires this and understands the value of this surrender-expansion. It is essential in order to get results that you have an attitude of wanting to align with It . . . not It with you! The more fully you can let go of your conditions and controls on how it must look and when it will take place, the more expansive and loving and outright empowering it will become for you. Understand that these human conditions placed onto the higher will block your receptivity and relationship realization. There is another key and it concerns your level of sincerity to want to know and understand the perspective of the higher Christ presence of you; for you to want to come closer, giving your need for security and comfort and intimacy and deep, deep relationship to this higher Christ or Spirit Self of you. Relationship is relationship regardless if it is on this level with another person or with the higher deeper part of us. You must desire to become immersed in the perspectives of the other person to truly understand them to love them and appreciate them for exactly the way they are.

When I pray and commune into the higher relationship I ask to become aligned with this higher part of me, I might say, “Christ above me that is my Source, I give to you all my controls, I give to you my power, I remove my attention from the appearance world and from the phantom self.  I take back my power from these outer false things, and I return all my human will and power into You, higher Christ above me. I know, that all power, all control, all intelligence, all divine substance, and all consciousness from which I can create in alignment with You those beautiful things in my life come from you. I know that you are there deep within me and above me, and I desire to be unified with you as One consciousness, one being.”

As you ask and allow yourself to surrender-expand into the higher, you will experience a daily merging of your personal human consciousness into the higher and pure consciousness. This is the movement of your vibratory identity as it changes into the more permanent, eternal, and everlasting. You will be expanding into the unconditioned presence of the great I AM.

A very important part of your daily attunement is the bringing forth from your soul essence the purifying flame that is love. Ask for this higher frequency energy to saturate your consciousness as it descends upon you from the higher facet of yourself. Through the use of this consuming flame you will purify out of your system the lower vibratory substance and eventually you will become lighter, emptier, and perfectly in alignment with the God self which dwells beyond the limitations of the earth. Each and every moment provides the opportunity to practice this most holy relationship to your Source, asking to align and calling upon the spiritual fire to purify you into perfection. As you live to serve this ideal and plan, and as you become perfectly obedient to the higher Law of your being, your confidence will grow and the response from above will be most powerful. Your life will be an oasis for others that will provide healing, direction, and hope without ever saying a word. You will naturally heal, bless, and help to prosper all those around you. The meaning of your existence and the significance of your being alive within the earth will be returning to you, as the one true desire becomes ignited in your heart and mind. It is sacred, and profoundly fulfilling.

Your ability to invoke yourself into the presence by acknowledging and identifying with the glory of your being must come about through your attention and thought focus becoming centered upon the Christ above you. As you give your time and space into the purpose, spiritual insight will grow and divine perceptions will flood you, as your personal consciousness becomes dissolved into the universal consciousness. You will know that you know and much more than that. Your misqualified energies will begin to have no power over you, as you take back the power from your creations. All pain, suffering, and the feeling of being victimized by outside events will subside and become washed away in the waves of Spirit. It is the action of the eternal to purify, unify, and raise all imperfect substance back into the vibratory octave of pure Light. 

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon


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