To identify with the Reality of God within thee is the most potent and essential of the Seven Eyes. When you identify with One and avoid identifying with the polarities of the extremes you begin to build the right momentum which is pure power in your consciousness.The vast majority of humanity endlessly flips back and forth between the opposites trying to escape from one and take refuge in the other extreme. For example, escaping from low self-worth and running to take refuge in high self-worth. Both of these ideas are relative rather than absolute, and it is the Absolute of the Eternal Infinite God that you must transcend both opposites to arrive at and take refuge in Him, not within the thought forms of the lower mind which is relativity.

However,when you identify with the extreme polarities or opposites such as thinking and believing, "I AM good and worthy" or "I AM evil or bad and unworthy" the one extreme cancels out the other, so you form a belief based upon good but also believe that you are bad and you puncture the power you are building because opposites cancel each other out. Take refuge in the absolutes rather than the relative lower mind.

So, contemplate upon this Ideal Vision and train thy mind and heart to believe in the One God Force Presence that you are and which is all around you everywhere present. This is true Identification when applying the Seven Eyes. The One God Force is indivisible, immaculate, whole and complete and when worshipped in this way with your attention and focus upon the One, and your Ideal Vision built upon solid rock, you gain tremendous momentum, clarity, and power in the One God; for He is the One force imminently right in front and closer than your breath, and all around, and at the Godhead of all existence.

He is the very fundamental Principle that all is made of. In Hinduism its called the Atmic Principle and in the West its been called the I AM Principle. You are, in truth, a concentration of His Omnipresence individualized and uniquely personal. You and I ...we are Suns of the One God Force of the Universes and in this way we are made in His image and likeness with the very same sort of creative ability and authority to set vibration into motion through thought, feeling, spoken word, and act. We share together this One Principle upon which all things are made and when you invite the Love Force into action for your life, you are bringing together the Omnipotent Love Force which integrates this One divine Principle...its Infinite Particles everywhere present into manifestation for thyself.

Contemplate what I share with you here and rather than email me questions for clarification, I ask that you each go to the higher Intelligence within and above thee to refine your understandings with this post.

Michael of Nebadon


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