Faith, Trust, and Sovereignty with Kumara Yoga

The key is in allowing your faith to expand. Let it saturate your heart and mind. Immerse your whole being with love of Omnipresence. Give yourself unconditionally into this great attainment and supreme service; for as you awaken into mastery of the Life Principle – the Primordial Fire, the whole being of the Universe rejoices. Only through faith and trust can you forge a relationship with the Eternal. This powerful intention and focused desire to take your life into Mastery - the higher life - is the fulfillment of your Highest Presence. You can experience throughout your day deep fulfillment and pure and simple happiness as you make the effort to realize and live the design of Kumara Yoga. You'll experience the joy of participating in a relationship with Omnipresence, by beginning to invoke a connection with your own indwelling mind - a part of Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence which lives within you. Consecrating and directing your conscious mind and heart, is the most powerful use of your will. This decision on your part will give you access to the doorway of all power, all intelligence, and all love and Light. It secures for you a rate of vibration that with consistent demonstration of your devotion, establishes you into the next evolutionary phase of human life. It fulfills the cosmic requirements necessary to achieve Ascendant Mastery; permanent, fully conscious knowledge and experience of your Individualization. Kumara Yoga of your energy and vibration by transmuting all energetic momentums into Light is a necessary step. Conscious mastery will automatically reward you with greater unconditional love, enhanced super intuition and intelligence, and the empowerment of knowing how to precipitate all constructive manifestations into your life. Kumara Yoga is an achievement that must be gradually attained, and there are certain steps along the way that will anchor you into your preparation for a more Ascendant Yogic Mastery.

We are standing at the doorway of a moment on the cosmic clock, at the end of a huge cycle of human evolution. This culminating moment is your golden opportunity to unlock the doorway of immortality, and your entrance requires understanding your godhood – your divine identity, your creative accountability, and the natural powers you may possess in order to co-create in alignment with Omnipresence. The power that you will discover in the right use of your creative accountability will awaken in you the ability to transmute all your imperfect energies into Mastery. The realization of your identity in Omnipresence propels you into greater and greater self actualization of the innate potential buried within your being. You may unleash a deeper expansion of being aware that you are a part of the Whole as you give your all into actualizing the ‘flame’ of your potential. This is what some have called god consciousness, but that was only a small part of the story of attainment into the greater life. Kumara Yoga begins with the awareness that you are the Whole individualized and personalized. Your awakening to this is the fulfillment of your potential as a human person; you are meant to establish your life upon the shores of a higher perspective.  

This perspective gives you the ability to make fuller use of your brain potential because human beings are only using a small percentage of the brain, maybe 10%. Kumara Yoga will expand that percentage and you will find it easier to attract a greater Supply of abundance and prosperity, love and intelligence, clarity and empowerment into your day to day life; very ordinary and at the same time quite extraordinary inner experiences. Mastery will actualize your hidden powers and the capabilities of being human.
 By mastering Kumara Yoga you open the doorway into greater possibilities, and yet, to secure for yourself Ascendant Mastery, you walk consciously through that open door into a whole new world where the possibilities are endless. In Ascendant Mastery, there is a higher life which awaits you – Imagine yourself attaining this journey of Mastery after you have grown tired of the cycle of rebirthing into struggle and limitation over and over again from one lifetime to the next; often re-experiencing the same circumstances and environments over and over in the attempt to work out your mastery of your energy and vibration; working off the hard way the imbalances that have prevented you from knowing with certainty your place in the Universe, your life’s purpose, and the hidden meaning to your struggles. All questions which have significance for you in your growth and development become answered directly by your own intuitive knowledge as you establish Kumara Yoga. The endless dense conditions and imperfections only found within the earth density can become mastered and controlled by you as you learn to demonstrate the Mastery of these principles, powers, and precipitation strategies. Kumara Yoga and Ascendant Mastery over all the elements, the personal energies and originating vibratory influences that you've been living within for hundreds of lifetimes, all become clarified and mastered. As you ask Omnipresence for the extinguishing of all obstructions on your pathway into Mastery, you allow for purification to occur.  

In our present physical form we are living in an embryo stage of our existence that soon will have the opportunity to become restructured into a light form with all the implications that this implies. We have yet to become birthed into the universe. The earth lifetimes are a place of gestation and maturation for the beings involved. It is the womb of a mother where you have been given time and space to grow and mature. Many people have been attempting to realize their spirituality, yet this Mastery is the realization of your human potential as well. Many people are seeking the “Holy Grail”, the eternal elixir that would give them immortality and life everlasting. They have been attempting to resolve and alter the effects in their life, yet to no avail because they only end up creating other more deleterious effects which then must be cured as well. Kumara Yoga is the “Holy Grail of Knowledge” which gives the aspirant the power, knowledge, and capabilities to, at last, mature and grow after eons of lifetimes with little or no success of ever being able to master the basic problems of their existence and catapult themselves into a higher ground; graduating from the rounds of fleshly limitation, partial brain use and, rebirth. Cosmically speaking, the human life is in its fetus form, and the development and progression into Kumara Yoga and Ascendant Mastery which is immortality is our actual birth. Mastery is the full development of the human being into a permanent individualization of the omnipresent love, intelligence, and power of the living Spirit. You become a unique personalization of Omnipresence with the capabilities of continually expanding into more of your Universal potential. It is your destiny at some certain point in time and space to undergo this transmutation. 

Michael of Nebadon


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