Inviting the Flames of the Immortal Host

Invitation Decree: "I AM Crystal White Purity Immortal Pink Flame Luminous Sacred Fire Love."

The Crystal White Fire is the Resurrection and Ascension Flame which quickens the atomic substance within thy field of receptivity raising thy life into a higher frequency each day gradually. When we raise the frequency vibration within our field, we are transfiguring the denser energies and qualities which have been accumulated there for lifetimes. This is the washing away of thy 'karmas' or energetic conditions. The Crystal White Flame is directed into the human race by three Cosmic beings working together - the Elohim Purity, the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, and the Archangel Gabriel.

The Immortal Pink Flame is Cosmic Unconditional Love which is an Omnipotent Force that changes all things unlike Itself into the vibration of Itself which is Love.This is directed into the fold of humanity by both the Goddess of Love, a Cosmic Being of such Divine Magnificence and Power, and also the Cosmic Beings serving on the Third Station which is directed into the fold of humanity by the Cosmic Persons of the Elohim Orion, the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, and the Archangel Chamuel.

The Luminous Sacred Fire is the Immaculate Absolute Force of God Almighty which is constructively qualified by certain Cosmic Beings in order to raise life everywhere into the higher frequencies. The Sacred Fire Love is a living divine Substance that once it comes into thy field and you embody it, nothing can change it and it carries you ever upwards in vibration. This is the most potent way to prepare thyself to receive a greater portion of the god essence of is the very same preparation that I made during my previous lifetime in Galilee.

Gradually, each day you are giving thyself to this progression using the Divine Personality Circuits of Paradise Trinity Endowment to draw down into thy field of life the Cosmic Fire of Creation. Part of this Circuit is the Holy Spirit of the Local Universe Mother Spirit who is the personalization of the Infinite Person of the Paradise Trinity. Did you get all that? So, the Divine Energies of the Infinite Spirit are stepped downward in frequency vibration to Its personalization - the Mother - in order for those within this local universe and also including this earth flesh octave to be able to receive it and assimilate it to raise themselves out of the energetic slavery and bondage of the mass accumulated consciousness and the lesser vibratory qualities of the human race for this planet. Other planets have a more normalized evolutionary progression but due to the administrative disruption which took place a few hundred thousand years ago, the Race has been interfered with. hence, it is My own responsibility and the added responsible support of the Host to enter into this domain to set things right.

The Seven Eyes is the application that you are using each day, of which Invitation Decree is one of the powers of the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment. These are ancient precepts that I have merely given more modern terms for our use and understanding. So, the Universe Mother Spirit and Her Holy Spirit manifests Herself in and as these Flames of the Immortal Host. They use these Divinely Qualified Energies which are Omnipotent to regenerate human life. You could also just call in the Holy Spirit Herself, yet, these Flames are the Pure Intensely Concentrated Foci of Her Holy Spirit prepared for humanity to transfigure and regenerate itself back into Light. These Flames of the Sacred Fire Activity of the Immortal Host of the Heavens ( the Universe) is the only way by which we can take our mortal frame/field and purify, refine, and quicken it into a luminous field of pure light and love. So, even though the planetary evolution was disrupted and delayed, we are adjusting things here so that the planet and Her race of ten billion souls can make a quantum leap forward and rejoin the rest of the solar system and galaxy.

The planet herself is also asking for this and is being raised up. Soon, this planet will no longer be a place that supports third and fourth dimensional evolution. All will be established within the fifth octave, as they say. This what I meant when I said that the meek will inherit the Earth. Really there are no names for these octaves, yet for human mental understanding and as reference points which are identifiable, we call things by names and numbers...the octaves may not have names, per say, but the planets do!

Email me if you need clarification on any of this understanding. It is essential for you in the working out of thy karmas of all lifetimes. I guarantee this to you, if you work steadily and rhythmically, devotedly and with determination and surrender you will be in a profoundly new energy field one year from now and perhaps even sooner than you can imagine.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love
Michael of Nebadon


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