Descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation into thy Field of LIfe

Using the Powers of some of the Seven Eyes of Attainment: Identification, Invision, Impregnate, Invitation: "I AM Crystal White Fire Indestructible Ascendant Purity Everlasting Illumination..."  Hence, the descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation is Magnetized by us into our personal field of receptivity, raising the field closer and closer each day unto the Christ field enfolding us in the flesh garment. Magnify the great I AM within thee in each and every moment placing thy attention and focused thought and feeling inwards and most importantly giving that "I AM" your faith and trust, your honor and respect, your acknowledgment and recognition. This is true worship which will bring you the response you desire. This is expanding His Will and Intention into creation beginning with thyself in your locale. Thus, we magnify Him in our every thought, feeling, word, and action. The more we magnify Him the greater the response will be when you seek to magnetize His Fire of Love and Mercy into thy field to transfigure thyself or any energies that you discover while applying Inquiry - the Journaling and the Three R's -. Magnify Him, Magnetize His Fire divine, and Manifest His Being, His Nature and Identity as thy deepest and Fullest Selfhood . . .

Michael of Nebadon


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