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Service unto thy Humanity

Blessed Aspirants and Sons and Daughters of the Universal Father of us all,

So as you apply the Seven Eyes of invocation...and the invitation/decrees...this is the descent of the cosmic creative fire into thy field, as you know...and many of you are becoming quite mastered with these precepts given to Me from the Father of all Light.

To receive the most out of want to couple the invitations with impregnation which is receiving through thy deep breathing into your heart and field this primordial fire...this primordial sacred fire of the violet or white flames from the immortal host through your Oversoul are poured through your ChristStream and down into you here in the physical octave.

Breathing deeply and perceiving/imagining the flame of pure white or violet saturating your field...seeing this is invisioning thyself as a Sun Presence radiating this fire though your field, and breathing is impregnation...coupling this with the three others of identification with the flame ri…

Thy Oversoul Presence

So, we are extended here from a higher vantage point of Self, a larger greater self that you might call your Oversoul. This Oversoul extends itself into the earthly surroundings that you find yourself within. You are that Oversoul and You are all the personalities that are being expressed by you. This Higher Selfhood, as you, is being extended here and also in several other points of time within the earth and even elsewhere. You are Vast, Intelligent, Creative, and a god in training; always being trained and guided by others who may be more advanced and more greatly adept at this business of godhood.

So perceive that you are this Individualization of the Supreme God of creation...the Cosmic Christ, Brahman, Atman...the great I it whatever you may. You are God Individualized and expressing through the Stream of life that you extend into the many simultaneous personalities which are as waves of thy personal expression that you are using, growing, directing in the adventure of…

My Beloved, Harken unto Me!

MY DEARLY beloved: I teach you this hour that which hath goodly substance; I tell you of Truth, which embaImeth the spirit in sweet spices of tranquility; Hear ye my wisdom. . . .

Have I not told you that the Father hath prepared His universe for you, that ye being Sons of Light and Daughters of Radiance may manifest therein and know your own godhood?
Behold I say unto you now, he who is given the power from on high to work miracles shall in nowise be cast out from the order which cometh.
Arouse yourselves! be exceeding glad that those come unto you who do minister unto you with wisdom; behold they enfold you; behold they say unto you, Be even as we, for do we not manifest in that which we perceive?
My beloved, harken unto me! the enemy presseth; he maketh a mock of the godhood within you.
I say, turn unto him no countenance; revile him not in that revilings may be served; leave him to his lecheries and let the Light shine through you; presently it raiseth you; it lifteth you unto mo…

Force Triumphant

REMEMBER this always: The unleashing of this force within you is a mighty torrent; it is molecular energy of a speed and a variation encompassed by no human brain in concept; it is Force Triumphant, striking him dead who hath not the power to use it aright.

Verily it hath struck many dead, and continents now lie buried beneath the waters of seas in that it was mischievously unleashed.
Taking thought unto this force presenteth it with power; dwelling upon the divine spark within you, presenteth it with brilliance;  It gloweth like a coal and pulseth like a ruby; it saith unto you, Behold I am here, use me at your behest.
Presently it climbeth mountains, terrific of endurance, seizing the physical frame and vitalizing it unto such glory that verily it shineth as a beacon in a darkness.
Have the prophets not done this? was it not manifested by the saints of old? verily, my beloved, men know this not until they encompass it. Presently the flame breaketh forth with great brilliance, energiz…


Omnipresent Universal Light is everywhere present and directly imminent right within us, enfolding us, and anchored right within our heart area. We can expand the Fire of Love within this Universal Light right within us and have it expand into all the cellular and atomic substance within our subtle bodies. We can quicken the atomic substance of electrons so that they are moving around the central core at light speed. We will never even come close to physical death if we raise these subtle bodies into the speed of light and life. We can raise these bodies into the frequency of permanent Light, eternal Light, everlasting Life. This is the plan of salvation through the law of redemption given to humanity for their upliftment and enlightenment. The Universal Light desires to expand its Kingdom throughout creation - a Kingdom of Harmony and Order, Happiness and Love. The Kingdom of Heaven! We are each this one Universal Light individualized and personalized as Us. changing the density and…

The Inner Temple of Sovereignty

In a certain way there are two selves within each person; the outer human self and the Inner Self which is eternal, sovereign, and retains all the eternal values and attitudes that the outer self eventually must absorb and embody. These are necessary developments that allow evolution to occur for each and every personality soul. The Universe Mother nurtures and develops these attributes and values within the minds of all creatures who are evolving upward into greater light and life and love.

As an aspirant of truth you can ask our Universe Mother to work with you and for these qualities and values to become more developed in you so that you have the necessary attributes to seek God and find Him within, initially, this Inner Temple of Sovereignty. We must together work to strengthen, protect, and expand all that is constructive within an individual. Only Love can produce manifestation. I am with you and amongst thee to help you understand the Powers of Life, creative powers, that are …

I Offer thee Life more Abundant

Sovrnty Temple and Retreat is the Royal Road of Attainment which teaches the originating precepts of the Paradise Trinity Endowment. Studying as an aspirant with Michael of Nebadon and the Universe Mother Spirit at Sovrnty Temple and Retreat gives you back to yourself . . . thy goodness, truth, and beauty . . . thy true Godhood.

Sovereignty is full vibrational mastery over all your personal energy and vibration for all lifetimes in your exploration and education of these octaves of progressive evolutionary unfoldment. Sovereignty is thy Birthright, thy Inheritance, and thy Destiny. It is the illuminated highway in the progressive attainment of the fullness of God Himself.  The Eternal Embrace of immortality is the original divine way to attain the glory of God himself within thy individualized domain and sphere of influence while still in the body of mortal flesh; at Sovrnty and with the guidance of Michael you will be learning the science of purifying and raising thy field of recept…

The Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment Demonstrated for Your Sovereignty

INVOCATION: "Indwelling Flame of God I AM, Enfolding Interdimensional ChristStream I AM, Electronic Presence Oversoul Supreme I AM, Expand thy Power and Perfection. Establish thy Spiritual Dominion over my energy field and personal consciousness, raising all unto thy Universal Harmony and Order.

"Thou Persons of the Paradise Trinity of all Existence. Thou Source of my Life and Creator of My existence as an Individualization of the Supreme. I worship and honor thee. I desire to bring forth thy Pattern of Paradise and for you to establish thy Vibratory Perfection in and through my personal field and the greater field of receptivity within each of the kingdoms of the Earth..."

INSTRUCTION: I AM studying and learning of the Paradise Trinity Endowment, the personality Circuits and networks of the Trinity Source; the daily application of the Descent of the Cosmic Creative Fire of Love into my field of receptivity, and the other Precepts to bring me to a living state of Soverei…

The Royal Road of Sovereignty

Our association brings each one into conscious fellowship and eternal association with My personal Spirit - the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter. Give time and energy each day towards building that sacred bridge between yourself here in the garment of flesh and the indwelling Flame of God and His Stream of Life. Ask for that ChristStream to expand its Vibratory Perfection throughout thy field of receptivity. Calling upon and inviting the Omnipotent Force of Cosmic Love into thy life and field will bring the fruits of many of the divine attributes, building thy character and strength, and honoring God by purifying His energy unto Pure Light and Life.

Thus, the Paradise Trinity Endowment is the Royal Road of Sovereignty for the individualized soul personality in its personal actualization. It is the final spirit endowment bestowed upon a planetary race designed to aid in the ascending search for God the Father.
The Eternal Embrace of immortality is the original divine way to attain the glor…

ChristStream Intelligence and Love . . . Come Forth!

With full determination, confident expectation, and sincere desire to serve life by raising the kingdoms of the Earth unto fuller Glory, give thy determined effort and energies towards the fulfillment of the Law of Existence and the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation in working to become Whole. Command the Cosmic Fire of Creation which is God's Omnipotent Force of Love and Mercy through the Immortal Host of Heaven to come forth into thy Field of Receptivity, quickening thy field higher and higher, and bringing this Fire of Love into and throughout the Earth.

The Seven Eyes of Attainment: invocation-instruction-identification-inquiry-invision-impregnation-invitation.

Paradise Trinity Endowment: Become familiar with the Circuits of the Trinity Persons and their divine highway unto full Illumination. These Seven Networks are intended to blaze through you and bring all imperfections and limitations unto the Eternal Glory of God. It is thy Inheritance and thy destiny to master thy e…

The Living Breathing Field of Receptivity

You are not here on this planet to endlessly grow and process your emotions. This is part of a larger picture. This is just part of growth towards a completion. This completion is the full and complete atonement whereby you become eternally at one with your own divinity. The divinity and the personality soul become one, and it is this fusion or merging which brings about immortality for you. It is something that is available to all human beings in this lifetime.

You have grown accustomed to reincarnational experience - the birth and death process whereby you go through a lifetime of a certain amount of years, experiencing death, and leaving your body to return again to the Earth. You have gone to some fourth dimensional areas. There are heavens and hells galore, with many experiences. Yet, always you return to the body, for this body is the platform from which your launch will take place into the fifth dimension. This is the intention and the purpose behind all lifetimes. The so-called…

Mercy is the Eternal Son's Radiation from Paradise

When you are feeling weighed down by strong destructive emotions like depression, hopelessness and anger or hurt or when you are bombarded with a recurring recording in your mind of negative thoughts or destructive thoughts, just begin to invoke and decree the prayer herein, and you'll be transfiguring the shadows of your field of receptivity . . . your personal consciousness . . . into the Universal Light.

Visualize the Violet Flame of Mercy washing through your field of receptivity. See in your mind's eye, the brilliancy and omnipotent power of the Violet Fire of Forgiveness and Mercy penetrating you in every way. This Flame of Mercy is a direct action of Omnipotence from the Infinite Spirit through our very own Universe Mother Spirit within our local universe who steps it down to the Elohim Arcturus, and then even further downward unto the Archangel Zadkiel, and then finally unto Saint Germain who is the Avatar for the Earth for the next 2,000 year period. This Mercy Flame…

Thy Living Flames of Paradise

The Way to achieve Life Everlasting is threefold, simple in its requirements, and yet very challenging to attain. First, acknowledge and recognize the Life Flame anchored within your heart and extending to you from the higher octaves above you. This is the real doer and Intelligence of thyself, it is the animating Presence and Power that is your Life principle; Second, be contrite and willing in heart and mind to invite this Flame of Life to expand and consume all unlike Itself within your consciousness; third, desire to receive of the help and radiation of the Immortal Ones.

The Immortals are those beings who once walked the Earth and fulfilled the Plan of Harmony, Healing, and Happiness for themselves, and so, they graduated from the rounds of birth and death and catapulted themselves into an existence within a higher life wherein they are able to express the fullness of who they are. They have learned of the holy grail and took the time to apply this great Law of Life which is sci…

Blessed Embodiments of the Supreme God

For thine Contemplation and Adoration of the Infinite Eternal Godhead and His Body of creation...

Michael of Nebadon

Create According to the Pattern of Paradise

Thy body, mind, etheric, and emotions are like a tapestry. They are a combination of energetic threads, and the threads are made of the very life force itself. Like a material tapestry which is composed of thread and thereby cotton, this cotton is the underlying substance and fabric of a tapestry, yes? This living tapestry of thy energy field is made of the substance of light or God's body, and ye weave this tapestry each day with thoughts, feelings, the spoken word and actions. So, this weaving of thy field is thy doing, thy accounting. You are each accountable for every thread ever woven by you to make up thy tapestry of thy field of life…thy consciousness. The underlying fundamental basis of this tapestry is God…His minute particles or electrons that obey directive intelligence…free will intelligence coagulate together in certain ratios or numbers of electrons according to our thoughts, and they are vibrating to a certain rate or speed revolving around each atomic nucleus acco…

Thine Oversoul is God the Supreme

Contemplate the Stream of Everlasting Life flowing through you in each and every moment; the animating power and intelligence comes from the Source and Center and is given into the safe-keeping of thy Oversoul Presence - God the Supreme Essence - which is your most direct link to All That Is. Thy Oversoul is the Omnipresent Supreme of Creation intensely concentrated, personalized, and individualized and extended into many locations within this local universe dependent upon how advanced we are. Some Oversouls . . . Presences of the all-pervading I AM Principle or Supreme Principle . . . can express a thousand personalities at the same time in various locales. Others are focused on just a few focused into the Earth until a later time when they are given the power and ability...the consciousness to reach out further into the universe.

The initiation unto Eternity is the Eternal Embrace which quickens daily thy energy field vibration higher and higher, establishing the Immortal indestruc…

Ocean of His Omnipresence

All things are made of One thing, One Intelligence, One Substance, One Energy, One Principle of God, Of Love which holds all things together; for Love is the integrator holding all, bonding all together, sustaining and maintaining all Order and Harmony. Without harmony, disintegration begins to set in and degeneration occurs which leads to death. Transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension is the approach to have life more abundant. It is going the opposite way from degeneration and disintegration because, again, with Love coagulating your field of energy, you can become integrated in the greater field of your life. Love is the Life force coagulating all things into the form desired. Sometimes its temporary and sometimes it’s more eternal. Yet, that form…all forms that we see and touch are God…the One Life force Principle coagulates Itself through self directive Intelligence and Love holding the vision for manifestation and this One Force changes from the unformed into the temporary…

The All-Pervading I Am Principle Individualized

Take the time and space of your day and evening to contemplate most essentially thy essence in all things...the Great I AM Principle. This would be a form of doing Invocation whereby we recognize, acknowledge, and embrace the Eternal Us everywhere to be discovered.

Thy Stream Of Life is your networking connection to all things. Thy Lifestream and Intimate connection to All That Is begins with claiming and owning thyself as the Indwelling I AM, then in the next higher octave of frequency the Enfolding I AM which is thy inter-octave Self which travels across all parallels and all the timelines of your expressions; in that higher directing Intelligence you are virtually unlimited, having access to all the octaves and timelines wherein you hold personality expressions, ministering to each part and guiding all Its expressions. The ever higher in octaves is thy Supreme God I AM and that is the fullness of thy Godhood and the highest point of your individuality. After that we recognize and …

Be Ye Perfect, Even as I AM

"Be Ye Perfect, Even as I AM" - this is the great One edict from the Almighty Center and Source of all Life. Our work together is geared and focused upon helping you fulfill this One Edict from the Paradise Father.

Now for our discourse . . .

He who passes through death has failed to master his own energy and vibration; for have I not said unto thee, all ye who have ears to hear and eyes to see or a mind to perceive . . . he who believes in my words shall never taste death, but shall become raised up daily through their own fulfillment of the Law of Existence bringing balance and harmony to all lifetimes of creating; all misqualified energies that are still vibrating to imperfection and destructive impulses  must be brought into the refining Fire of God...the Great I AM which is Love and Mercy in action.

Devote all thy attention and energies with full confident determination and expectation towards adoring and recognizing the God Force Presence of thyself above you and anch…