Precepts and Mission at Sovrnty Sanctuary

Sovrnty illuminates the spiritual highways that lead unto the Father of Eternity; for He has given a fragment of Himself unto thee which desires to fuse eternally with you the personality soul. In this miraculous way of the Triune God, ye shall become a dynamic personalization of the Supreme God within time and space creation. It is said that the mortal shall put on immortality as a garment of everlasting light.

Unto you who would seek the true empowerment to create only Love, to bring forth the God power within, and to command all imperfection into the Perfection of Light. The way of freedom and victory is to have living faith and trust in God necessary to dissolve all things unto pure Spirit. God must become a living reality in your life. You must become bold in order to actualize your true individuality; the awakened personality that the Universal Source originally intended for you.

Learn to discern His Will from your own; for that is the most direct route towards achieving the gift of His Initiation into Eternity. Ignite the spark of God within you into a full flame through the adventure of transfiguration, resurrection, ascension. And then ye can say that you love God, in Spirit and in Truth.

With Sacrifice you will be able to purify your memory that remains lodged within the energies of your etheric body. Surrender to the greater plan and will opens a way to master the mind and the sacred power of your thought. Selflessness brings to us a mastery of the misdirected desires of the lower nature; we are then able to take dominion over the baser nature and animal instincts of the emotions. Service above all is the driving force of all sentient beings who wish to expand their own self consciousness while at the very same time furthering the Self consciousness of the Universal Whole.

Use the flame of divinity to extinguish all obstructions to creative impulse, flow, and power. Through thy free will and spiritual identity and nature ye are given all authority, all right and power, all ability to bring forth your own eternal and infinite creative essence, the individualization of the Omnipresent Supreme God ~ the Great I AM ~ in order to create perfection; and what may perfection be? Harmony, Healing, and Pure Happiness, Self Actualization and God Consciousness, Beauty and Goodness, Unchanging Truth and the Immaculate Conception which fosters evolutionary growth for the human race, and nurtures constructive expansion for the civilization. It is our destiny to harness, generate, and unleash the great perfection of this creative impulse of Intelligence and Love from within us; for we are each the doorway unto the Infinite Supreme God. And this doorway opens as a bridge through our thought and feeling attention and recognition and acknowledgement of this creative Life Force, this impulse of pure creative power. It is the great perfection of this creative Life Force and Divine Impulse that we are to set into motion causes and effects that weave a Field of Receptivity for us unto the Living Tapestry of the Seamless Garment of Eternal Life ~ the immortal Life that awaits us. To accomplish all Beauty, Truth, and Goodness which sets out to heal, bless, prosper, and enlighten; illuminating the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Humanity.

This is the Path of the Immortals.

Sovrnty Sanctuary through the person of Michael of Nebadon reveals the Paradise path of divinity attainment teaching sincere aspirants of Truth this plan of progressive attainment by illuminating the everlasting highways of progression which lead through the presence of the Supreme to the person of the Paradise Father. As a Son of Paradise, Esu brings with him the divine perspectives and patterns of the Source and Center; the necessary precepts and understanding to give spiritual regeneration and intellectual emancipation to humanity, and to offer through him the Waters of Life that become a purifying agent for the aspirant of Truth, to assist each to deepen their own direct connection to the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and the Father Principle within them while learning to magnetize and draw down to themselves the healing balm of the Infinite Mother Flame...Her Omnipotent Spirit for transfiguration and resurrection unto purity and light. In this way the soul may begin the journey out from the womb of the Mother Earth, taking the very first necessary steps to freedom and immortality.

This plan of Paradise begins on earth with eternal union with the indwelling spark of the Father, expanding that spark into a consuming Flame that transfigures all human imperfection and awakens identification with the Father Flame of Paradise - the beginnings of god realization and relationship with thy Source and Creator. The Father and the Son awaken the aspirant unto relationship and realization with the Father Flame of Paradise ~ the Life Force ~ through the guidance and wayshower of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter who is the bestowed Teacher for humanity and is the personification of Truth within this local universe through the Sovereign Universe Son, Michael; and the healing omnipotence of the Universe Mother Spirit Holy Spirit and Her associates who upon our asking and receptivity quicken us through the initiation of transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension. Blossoming within the aspirant are several characteristics and attitudes of the Spirit such as loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace. These are the true signs that the seeker is building upon his character and realization, coming closer unto all Beauty, Truth, and Goodness which is the natural flowering of God the Supreme in it's Individualization.

This is the fulfillment of the plan of salvation, the law of redemption, and the completion of atonement through the weaving of the seamless garment of eternal light. As man progresses upward in the scale of intelligence and spiritual perception, there eventually come to hover over him and dwell within him the seven higher spirit influences. And these seven spirits of the advancing worlds are:

1. The bestowed spirit of the Universal Father.
2. The spirit presence of the Eternal Son—the spirit gravity of the universe of universes and the certain channel of all spirit communion.
3. The spirit presence of the Infinite Spirit—the universal spirit-mind of all creation, the spiritual source of the intellectual kinship of all progressive intelligences.
4. The spirit of the Universal Father and the Creator Son—the Spirit of Truth, generally regarded as the spirit of the Universe Son.
5. The spirit of the Infinite Spirit and the Universe Mother Spirit—the Holy Spirit, generally regarded as the spirit of the Universe Spirit.
6. The mind-spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit—the seven adjutant mind-spirits of the local universe. The spirit of wisdom, the spirit of worship, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of knowledge, the spirit of courage, the spirit of understanding, the spirit of intuition - of quick perception.
7. The spirit of the Father, Sons, and Spirits—the new-name spirit of the ascending mortals of the realms after the fusion of the mortal spirit-born soul with the Paradise Thought Adjuster and after the subsequent attainment of the divinity and glorification of the status of the Paradise Corps of the Finality.
And so did the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth bring to the world and its peoples the last of the spirit endowment designed to aid in the ascending search for God.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon


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