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Eternal Majesty of Love and Sovereignty

Your determination to truly understand this way of approach into Life will give you the fuel to persevere and the fire to transmute your illusory self nature, erroneous conclusions, opinions, and interpretations of life. Soon, you will find yourself walking in the reality of Omnipresence.


In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy Michael of Nebadon

Personal Immortality through Paradise Trinity Endowment

Expand the Force of Life within thy heart by simply inviting It to do so. Say, " Christ Force of Life that I AM, expand thy glory and power. Quicken all of our energy field unto thy Perfection." This would be a kind of invocation and invitation. Then, you can use the power of identification and inquiry to affirm and begin to perceive, " I AM Pure God Presence right here and right now." That would be a decree of sorts, simple and effective to begin to invite and identify with the One Principle everywhere to be found.

Take life more slowly so that you can contemplate a bit more often that God is the animating power and principle that breathes you, moves you, motivates you in all things. Do this in the quiet of your own time a few moments each day and invite thy own Selfhood to step forward and take dominion over the human imperfections in you. Ask that it come forth to wash away those things that you inwardly struggle with in the quiet of your own heart and mind and…

Spiritual Precepts, Purpose, and Divine Mission of My Work with Humanity

These are the Teachings of the Paradise Trinity Endowment with Michael of Nebadon and the Universe Mother Spirit.
Come to our monthly international conference call congregation to learn of the guidance of the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth in your life, and to receive of the Mercy Flame of the Eternal Son of Paradise which comes unto humanity through the Immortal Ascended Host of Light, that is, the Celestial Host of Heaven.
The Flame of Paradise Mercy is an aspect of the Paradise Trinity Endowment; divine circuits of living progressive attainment for the evolutionary races of creation to evolve and to gradually partake of the continual Blessings of the Creator Source and Center of all Life everywhere throughout Infinity.
These circuits of attainment have been purposely designed and 'given' to human beings for their greater actualization and the eventual achievement of the Eternal Embrace. . . Personal Immortality.
It is a portion of the Father who dwells within thee, the Son …

The Circuits of Paradise and the Trinity Endowment

I've come into the garment of flesh and bone to teach you of Paradise Trinity Endowment. This is the Great Creative Law of the "I AM", the Descent of the Cosmic Sacred Fire Love to wipe out all destructive impulses in mankind. It is the way of Salvation or Atonement that is the Holy Grail of all Life. It is the Great Law of Existence which leads unto fulfillment of the Spiritual Promise for creating a life more abundant.

Understanding the Law of Life you can begin to cooperate with It. Applying the Law of Love you can wash away all darkness and distress in you. All unnecessary struggle psychologically and physically ceases for you. Following the Royal Road of Sovrnty or Sovereignty you will see results immediately in your life and personal world. It is the Way of Perfection - the mastery of all your energy and vibration -  and the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan of the Universe which is your immortal destiny to complete; "for the mortal shall put upon itself i…

The Paradise Flame of Mercy with Michael of Nebadon

The Paradise Trinity Endowment Mercy Flame of Forgiveness -  A Free Live International Conference Call with Michael of Nebadon. Email us for the access code at Paradise Trinity Endowment Mercy Flame of Forgiveness

Begin to Embrace Eternity . . . a great experience of the Paradise Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness . . . sins and mistakes are erased . . . healing of all kinds take place . . . a new upward momentum may be established . . . an experience of the power of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter occurs regardless of time and space location . . .

The Mercy Flame comes directly from the Eternal Son of Paradise, the Second Person of the Paradise Trinity. It is the Only way to have forgiveness and healing of all past hurts, past mistakes and sins or errors. That's really all a sin is, an error made in the past that we are carrying until we can redeem it through the Mercy Flame of Forgiveness.

This Flame of Mercy comes into creation through the Universe Mother Spirit and Her associates…

Paradise Trinity Endowment is the Illuminated Highway unto the Immortal Light

Everything is made of God. If you don't believe me then you simply must redefine God for thyself. Everything is made of God. We are in His body. You are a living cell in His body and so am I. We may have different origins and various functions, yet, we are each the One Body of God. It may be microscopic and not fully actualized, yet, each one of us is the Supreme God individualized, and as you give your attention and focus during the day to that Presence...that animating presence and Life Force will be building a new momentum. The problem that happened with humanity collectively is this: the people lost sight of the unchanging One Power and Presence and became a bit hypnotized into focusing exclusively upon outer appearances with their senses. So the senses dropped in vibration drastically, and also caused the soul personality to degenerate because of the attention being outer focused upon imperfection. When that occurred, the collective civilization and the individua…

Grace and Ease

You and I, we are each the Supreme God individualized. Through your God Self which sits above you and also is anchored at the heart, you hold the very same creative power to set into motion causes and effects. This sets into motion thy destiny. Everything in your life and world right and you alone have set into motion through the power of your creative individualization. And, what you do not want there any longer can be removed permanently, so long as you fulfill the Law of Existence. The Mercy Flame...this Violet Flame...removes all unwanted causes and effects, and on most things that you've created or set into motion, the actual causes can be removed before you even have to deal with the effects showing up in your life. How's that for grace and ease and wisdom?

In the Majesty of His Love
Michael of Nebadon

Beginning to Embrace Eternity through Paradise Trinity Endowment

The Trinity Godhead is at the Paradise Source and Center of all things. The Father, Son, and Spirit are also spread out over and as the creation of time and space. He is also right directly existing as your Oversoul - the Individualized Supreme Being. And even closer and more attainable, He exists right as thy own animating power and intelligence, thy underlying Selfhood which moves you, thinks you, feels you, and gives you life in all moments. The quickest entrance to reach the Everlasting One God is becoming aware that His Presence and Power is animating you, the physical personality. When you allow yourself to go a bit deeper than surface realizations, you'll find Him as the Energy, Intelligence, Power, Life Force Presence. This would be a bit of Self realization; when you realize thyself beyond the mind, emotions, and physical body. The greater God Consciousness is when you expand that realization to know and understand that your Life Force is the very same Force existing in …

MICHAEL OF NEBADON: When thine Eye be Single, thy Whole body shall be ...

MICHAEL OF NEBADON: When thine Eye be Single, thy Whole body shall be ...: The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy wh...

God's Grace and Mercy Flame

The Violet Flame is a current of energy which has been qualified to seize imperfect energy and transmute it, so that it may be charged with PERFECTION once again. It is an activity of love, mercy and compassion, which can dissolve the CAUSES set up by mankind, whose effects would be most distressing. Unless mankind can come into this understanding and consciously USE this Violet Fire, they will have to meet up with these causes, that bring such suffering into the world. ~Ascended Master Teaching Foundation

Thy Seven Bodies

Here is another excerpt from the activity of the Ascended Master El Morya which I think you'll find extremely helpful in understanding how things work. The website is here.

THE HISTORY OF THE CHART OF THE I AM PRESENCE The original chart of the I AM Presence was done by May de Camera in the 1930's. She had a vision and put the results of this vision on paper. She was supported in this vision by the Ascended Host. The Masters wanted to place the attention of the students on the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence, the Tube (Pillar) of Light and the Violet Flame. All of these were new concepts at that time. The colors on this chart are incorrect. At that time the Masters did not give out the colors of the rays. They did this later, during the Bridge to Freedom Dispensation. Several years ago, the AMTF and other groups attempted to come up with a new chart, showing the correct colors of the rays of the Causal Body and the position of the Christ Self. We hired some artists who ca…

Beloved Mother Mary Shares

In reading her book through the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, a really blessed activity of El Morya, I have come across several really great insights, thoughts, and subtle explanations by Mother Mary on her lifetime with Jesus and what they did each day when he was growing up to help build in him the consciousness of God. I share this with you here as various excerpts that I've extracted from her book in the hopes that it too will help to support and guide you in your unfoldment realization into greater Love, Mercy, and the realization of His Ever-Presence in our lives which is imminent and available at all times, and is the very Life Force and Power, Energy, and Intelligence that we each have within us and that we each are, in individualization. As you read allow yourself to gather their momentum of experience by asking for the feelings of their attainment; as this kind of sharing is truly the holy grail of all attainment into Light and Immortality.

"Our soul has the…

Precepts and Mission at Sovrnty Sanctuary

Sovrnty illuminates the spiritual highways that lead unto the Father of Eternity; for He has given a fragment of Himself unto thee which desires to fuse eternally with you the personality soul. In this miraculous way of the Triune God, ye shall become a dynamic personalization of the Supreme God within time and space creation. It is said that the mortal shall put on immortality as a garment of everlasting light.
Unto you who would seek the true empowerment to create only Love, to bring forth the God power within, and to command all imperfection into the Perfection of Light. The way of freedom and victory is to have living faith and trust in God necessary to dissolve all things unto pure Spirit. God must become a living reality in your life. You must become bold in order to actualize your true individuality; the awakened personality that the Universal Source originally intended for you.
Learn to discern His Will from your own; for that is the most direct route towards achievin…

The Kingdom "I AM" is Attainable

You have a God Self which is all-powerful, all-intelligent, all-loving. The more you turn your attention to this part of thyself... through faith and trust...the greater will be your salvation. His Presence is in you at the heart area, moving through you in your nerves and circulation systems, enfolding you as a Higher Mind, and above you dwelling within the higher octaves of pure light...the more you turn to that, the greater will you be expanding the Kingdom "I AM". This "I AM" Principle is everywhere present. It is the fundamental basis of all reality. It is YOU in thy grandest state of existence. It desires to outpour its unlimited prosperity and goodness, its truth and beauty, into and through your life and world. It desires to expand its Kingdom of Perfect vibratory radiance which you shall become if and when you give your trust and faith, your thought attention and intense feelings of love and adoration to It.

A Great Stream of Life Everlasting, Pure Light,…


Sovereignty is actualization thy God self into and through the physical conditions of thy life and world. You expand the tip of the God Self at the heart to saturate all thy field of receptivity - physical, mental, emotional, etheric lifetime memories become raised in vibratory frequency closer unto pure Light. You are quickening the atomic substance, the Atmic or I AM Principle which is the fundamental basis of all things. This I AM Principle is the Everlasting Electronic Light (made of electrons) that pervades everywhere and everything. It is the God Substance. The Fabric of Life everywhere extending out from the Great Central Source and Center of all Life. When this Divine Substance is given to one from the Great Ascended Beings in the Higher Octaves, the human imperfect Substance which is vibrating low becomes quickened and more Intelligent, and become more and more the vibration of the higher octaves of pure light. In this way, we create the Seamless Garment of Eternal Light out…

The "I AM" Discourses

The following is an excerpt from the work of Saint Germain. My own service and ministry stands in perfected alignment with Him and, of course, the Ascended Host of Heaven. My teachings regarding the Law of Existence, the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of Love, and the Trinity Endowment are of the same spiritual activity and radiation. They are the Upper Hand that I lean upon and reach for each day, and by which I receive their radiation of intense Love and Mercy. They are the greater part of Myself as I AM here in the flesh amongst you all. In fact, each day I spend much time and energy applying this Instruction and I have been able to take this human imperfect personality and form into greater and greater states of perfected vibration smoothing out and erasing the rough edges and aligning this personality which I walked into when he was 25 years old; back then, a very immature and unprepared vehicle for the greater light, and I have through this understanding quickened all human imperfe…

Destiny is Thine Choice in Each Moment

Thy attention and focus, where you choose to place the beam of your awareness, creates destiny. Attention plus feelings or emotion sets the energy of our life into motion. Try to walk across the room without first placing your thought attention and feeling upon the picture image of walking across the room. You simply cannot do anything without first placing your thought and feeling into an image. That Life energy that gives you the ability to hold a thought and feeling is the God force within you. So, whatever you focus attention upon sends the God Force into motion into that direction of our focus. Over time, we accumulate a momentum which carries us into the chosen direction. So why do I share this with you? Because you can become more aware of where you place your thought and feeling and you can correct many errors or struggles by changing the attention and focus. Over time and space, you will begin to adjust the accumulations and momentum that will carry you more directly upward …