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The Supreme Goal of Life on earth

I know myself to be a personalization of the Omnipresent Life Force that exists everywhere. Everything is made of the Substance of the One Life Force...the God Force...and I know you...each one of you as the very same thing...a personalization...individualization of the One Force of Life...the God Force of Creation.

The Source and Center is Infinite and Eternal, yet each one of us is a part of that One Life. Earth is a place wherein you may choose to become eternally eternal union with that Force of is where the pre-personal force of Life desires to become personalized through merging eternally with you.

That is the ultimate goal of all life. At the end of all your incarnations and your lifetimes, you will indeed discover that that is the end goal of your journey within the earth, and it is the beginning of your journey into this local universal system wherein you become more and more of the godhood...the life expression that is hidden within the Force of the One…

Living Truthfully

Imagine spending your entire lifetime living through other peoples opinions that are wrong and misinformed…an entire lifetime of error. Reach for the all-pervading spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and ask Him to help you find your way to truthfulness on any and every level of your life. This spirit of Truth is a combination of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son and Their Son, Christ Michael.

The Father has placed within each soul a living flame of Himself which must be consciously called into action to expand its glory and Kingdom throughout your field of receptivity. Only by reaching for Truth and asking for its expansion through the Unfed flame of the Father within us, can we raise ourselves from worldly slavery and misunderstanding…

~Esu Kumara Michael of Nebadon

Life Flame

Demand with full determination and passion that the Omnipotent Love of the Universe come into you and quicken all conditions into Love. Ask for the Life Flame within you to expand its glory and power in you, through you, by you, and for you...and even as You.

Ye have Come and Gone in many Bodies

THE world awaiteth that which is eternal; it panteth, it thirsteth, it giveth a cry that its torment shall be lessened.

2 Behold it knoweth not that unless it be foreshortened in its vision of eternal things, even to that limitation that is of flesh, it cannot know the glories that await outside of flesh.
3 Man cometh down into atoms of matter that he shall know command of matter, to learn of its substance, to deploy within it, to put it on and take it off even as a coat, to say within his own heart truthfully,
4 Verily am I superior to matter; matter is my servant; I am its conqueror; I know its limitations, but I in my spirit, rising above such limitations, observe all matter for that which it is.
5 I say unto it, Go! and behold it goeth; I say unto it, Come! and behold it cometh; thus is it subservient unto me, and I have learned the riddle of earthly cosmos.
6 Think ye, my beloved, that earthly cosmos hath other motive than to instruct? Are all God's manifestations purposeless…

The Golden Scripts

Link to The Golden Scripts  part one of four.

The Eternal Son and you

Invocation: Eternalis Omnipresencia, thou everywhere presence of the Eternal Son and Universal Father. Come forth unto all apparent imperfection and raise all unto thy Perfection, Eternal Son…thou Second Source and Center.
Decree: " I AM Violet Fire, Mercy Flame, Sacred Fire of Forgiveness. Come forth and quicken all unto thy Purity and Perfection."
Instruction: The Son is omnipotent only in the spiritual realm. In the eternal economy of universe administration, wasteful and needless repetition of function is never encountered; the Deities are not given to useless duplication of universe ministry.
The omnipresence of the Original Son constitutes the spiritual unity of the universe of universes. The spiritual cohesion of all creation rests upon the everywhere active presence of the divine spirit of the Eternal Son. When we conceive of the Father’s spiritual presence, we find it difficult to differentiate it in our thinking from the spiritual presence of the Eternal Son. The spi…

Power Decree and Invocation Instruction for the Day

Decree: "I AM thy Luminous Primordial Omnipotent Fire, the Majesty of Pure Love."

Invocation Instruction: In these Instructions on the Three M's, we learn to Magnifythis divine transmuting fire of Love and Mercy when we use our thought and feeling attention placed upon the Life Force of our Oversoul as it enfolds us and is anchored in the heart area of your body. Using the attention builds a sacred bridge between yourself and your own Oversoul Presence. The love and attention you give to that higher part of thyself allows that Oversoul to send back to you Its radiation of Love and Mercy, Violet Transmuting Forgiveness and Its grace. Over time you will come to recognize that the Life force extended to you from above is You and wrapped around you is the four lower bodies of physical, mental, etheric, and emotional expression which must become redeemed and transmuted back into Pure Light at some certain point within your lifetimes of learning.

This is the most direct route t…

Greater is He in Beauty

KNOW that men have often said that I am son of God, meaning a literal father dwelling in a literal heaven, surrounded by his messengers and judging all men according to their deeds.

2 I bid you to behold that such is a compromise between the truth and what they would believe of their own pictures in form, not knowing how to picture the abstract.
3 But this is important: There are those amongst you, in flesh and out of it, who have seen what no man ever hath seen, they have made their penetration to vast distances of spirit, they have found there sights and sounds beyond earthly comprehension;
4 Behold they have returned to earth to tell of those experiences, to relate what happened to them of their mental senses;
5 They have pictured unto those below them on the earth-plane a series of dramas apparently occurring within their inspection at the times of their visitations;
6 These have taken form and become apparent to earthly brains as the expression of theology.
7 Now let me tell you the tr…

In the Spirit of Truth

Invocation: "Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Essence, thou all-pervading Spirit of Christ Michael, guide me unto thy Truth and Freedom. Infinite Mother Flame … thou Universe Mother Spirit … Holy Spirit of all Harmony, Healing, and Happiness. I invite your Holy Presence to flood my life and world. Heal and transmute all my shadows. Take thy dominion over all Substance and raise all unto thy vibratory glory, thy immaculate conception…thy pure and Holy Light...the Great I AM that I AM.

"I give unto thee all my attention, recognition, and acknowledgement . . . my Oversoul that I AM, right directly accessible in my heart area and through my Higher Mind; thou art the Source of my existence here and the creator of my life here in this octave of life. I ask for thy power and grace to come forth and take thy dominion, expand thy glory and power, quicken all unto thee in the honor and mercy of the resurrection of myself unto thee...the resurrection of the earth and all her Kingdoms of L…

Sovrnty teaches Individualized Supreme Sovereignty

The higher we vibrate the quicker we can respond to Truth; for this reason when Truth and Love and Light Knowledge is presented to those who are struggling with their self created density, they cannot respond very quickly; and so, it is a cycle that one cannot get out of unless they open somehow to receive of the greater information and understanding of the royal road home to freedom. There is only one way, only one road Home to freedom and immortality and all of those immortal beings have gone the exact same road home. I have shared with my students the exact way in which they may find their own freedom and evolve themselves from the cycles of birth and graduate from the rounds of the use of their individualization of the Father Principle of us all.

Sovrnty and My teachings that I share with you all freely are the exact methods and understandings given to me from above which I have brought with me into this octave of existence to offer to those who are receptive to free…

One Great Infinite Eternal Consciousness I AM

Life everywhere is truly One great infinite eternal Consciousness. It is the Supreme Being...the First Creative Source and Center...God within time and space...within the creation. He unfolds Himself like a blanket of light upon all the creation. All is divine order and law in action and yet, He must act through the individualization of Himself which is you and I. You are the individualization of the Supreme finite God...the God of time and space creation. You are His expression, His focalization, His Individualization. It is through His Individualizations that He expands His Kingdom of glory and love. It is how the Supreme being actualizes His own Potential...through His Individualizations everywhere present throughout creation..on every planet and system and constellation and galaxy and universe. You and I are His Individualizations due to the fact that He is Omnipresent everywhere at once and the same time. There is nothing else to be but Him, and there is nowhere else to exist bu…

Invocation of the Day

Threefold Spirit Endowment of Life given to Humanity for their Freedom and Immortality . . . Universal Flame of Life I AM, Eternal Son All-Pervading Magnet and Spirit gravity pulling all upward in the task of . . .  
excerpt courtesy of Living Christ Living Buddha

Expanding the God Flame I AM

Decree: "Christ Flame that I AM within my heart area, expand thy Glory and thy Kingdom; quicken all Substance unto Thee." 
"I AM Pure White Fire Radiating Body of Bliss . . . Luminous Primordial Sacred Fire Love and Violet Mercy Flame."
"I AM thy Overflowing Money Supply direct from the Universal Presence I AM."
"I AM thy Omnipotent Cosmic Christ Fire Power Essence,Great Central Sun Perfection of Joy and Happiness."
Remember to use the power of visualizing the colors enfolding you from these decrees. State with passion and firm determination, commanding the energies of the Universal Intelligence to rush to do your bidding; for you are the Supreme One Essence of time and space individualized in expression. I've found that there are some things that cannot be changed, that we must live out fully until a certain point of time, yet all destructive impulses and all discordant, negative energies can certainly be transmuted through these exercises …

Being a Living Christ Living Buddha

What we focus upon with our attention we are worshiping, and whatsoever we choose with our free will attention to worship . . . we become in our vibration and frequency. Life here in the physical world is a paradox. We are the Force of Life and also, we hold  four lower bodies of expression from eons of lifetimes which have been greatly influenced by our power of qualification 
and the vibrations of the world.
We must spend the time mastering energy and vibration through mastering the Power of qualification - the power of our creative Identity to qualify the Immaculate conception of the Life force we are. In this teaching of the Immortal Ones you learn how to redeem the lower frequency . . . the 'lower' vibrations which are qualities and conditions by raising our personal energies back into pure pristine Light and Life.

The four lower bodies are made of the electronic Substance of Light except that they have been lowered in their vibration through the misuse of our creative pow…