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Beloved, Hear My Call unto Thee at this time and always

THE EARTH and the heavens have a complement. Life hath a blessing. The Father and the Son conspire to do good. My beloved, hear me, for the gathering time hath a goodly moment… .

2 Men have balked me many years; times without number have I borne with them, times without number will I bear with them again; they know me not as the cause of their good fortunes; evil hath come on them and they bear toward me a rancor.

3 Know ye that good cometh always of me; I am good; I am the spirit of good; I give good gifts to men: I give them science, I give them intelligence, I give them art, I give them manners; all things making for comity I give them.

4 Lo, that which cometh of me is constructive, I am Construction made manifest, I give the world intelligence, I give the world intelligence abundantly. I say unto men: Arise and be gods, take your inheritance!

5 They say unto me: What inheritance have we? Are they not children and souls of little manners? I say they are more: they are makers of fa…

Invocation & Decree, Instruction, and Identification

Invocation and Decree: Christ Flame that I AM, Expand thy Glory and thy Kingdom;
I AM Pure White Fire Radiating Body of Bliss
Luminous Primordial Sacred Fire Love and Violet Mercy Flame
Overflowing Money Supply direct from the Universal
I AM Omnipotent Cosmic Christ Fire Power Essence
Great Central Sun Perfection of Joy and Happiness
Instruction: In understanding these Laws of Life and their Application . . .  As you Invoke and Decree the above statements, breathe into your heart where the Flame of Life . . . the Primordial Omnipresent Fire of Love and Mercy, is anchored in you;
Identification: Become aware in your personal consciousness of thy connection and Identity within this Omnipresent Omnipotence of Love and Mercy, and say, "Expand thy Kingdom Christ Flame I AM"; be sure to place your attention upon the heart chakra area when decreeing these statements;
Give all deep feeling and passion into your mind and emotions and physical body to this Great Self which everything an…

Now are ye the Suns of God

Invocation: "Omnipresent Primordial Essence of the Universes, Everlasting Infinite Intelligence everywhere, as everything, and everyone, I give you all praise and honor, all confidence, trust, and faith, all power and all my attention. I pray to create that majestic bridge of Love and Mercy between us until we have become absolutely One in my consciousness and activity..."

Instruction: It is the Sacred Fire that is Omnipresent and distributed from the Great Central Sun - the Universal Father Eternal Mother Son Infinite Spirit HUB of creation at the Center and Source of all Life. That Stream of Life comes into you through your own Oversoul Presence and reaches you here in the physical world by anchoring at the heart area of your physical body. If you realize that each and every Lifestream is God individualized and unique, and each is a Sun/Son of God, then you will comprehend more fully that the Life Flame anchored at the heart area is from the Great Central Sun/Father Mother …

Spiritual Promise

The Way to achieve Life Everlasting is threefold, simple in its requirements, and yet very challenging to attain. First, acknowledge and recognize the Life Flame anchored within your heart and extending to you from the higher octaves above you. This is the real doer and Intelligence of thyself, it is the animating Presence and Power that is your Life principle; Second, be contrite and willing in heart and mind to invite this Flame of Life to expand and consume all unlike Itself within your consciousness; third, desire to receive of the help and radiation of the Immortal Ones.

The Immortals are those beings who once walked the Earth and fulfilled the Plan of Harmony, Healing, and Happiness for themselves, and so, they graduated from the rounds of birth and death and catapulted themselves into an existence within a higher life wherein they are able to express the fullness of who they are. They have learned of the holy grail and took the time to apply this great Law of Life which is sci…

I AM Pure Crystal White Fire Love, Luminous Mercy and Forgiveness

For each one of you who are reading these posts, it is NOW the time to step forward in your part of the world, and consciously take back this civilization and this planet from all destructive impulses, all selfishness, and all rebelliousness from the plan of freedom and illumination of the Eternal Father; let the distorted and disturbed energies existing within the body of humanity be annihilated by the Omnipotent Power of the Purity and Crystal White Fire Love from the Great Central Sun . . . the center and source of this local universal creation which receives all Life from the three Persons of the Paradise Trinity Source and Center and distributes this Life Force and Divine Radiation unto all smaller physical galactic and solar suns for the benefit of every lifestream.

For the next week each day, here is how to take action:

In your home physically stand up and give your invocation and decree herein below with full determination in thought, feeling, and confidence and faith. Allow y…

Living Christ Living Buddha

Excerpt below is from Living Christ Living Buddha: Living Christ Living Buddha
Power Decree to be used as an inner chant during your day to keep your vibration raised and to serve in your community by radiating the Cosmic Love of the Omnipresent Supreme Christ: "I AM thy luminous Sacred Fire Love and Mercy, Omnipresent Christ Supreme, Omnipotent Cosmic Christ Fire Power Presence AM I
"I AM thy pure luminous Sacred Fire Love and Mercy Flame, Omnipotent Cosmic Christ Fire Power Presence AM I
"I AM thy pure luminous White Fire, Body of Bliss, Great Central Sun Perfection . . ."
Chant this decree with deep feeling, great determination and desire to annihilate the darkness and density within your field of consciousness. Chant it with passion and concentrated focus upon drawing down your own Higher Christ Buddha Mind and your highest point of individuality within your own Electronic Oversoul Presence in the Higher Octaves of Life. Give all recognition and acknowledgment t…

Violet Flame, Mercy Flame, Thy Majesty of Love

Invocation: Thou Supreme, Omnipresent Omnipotence, Primordial Fire of Love and Mercy, Immaculate Conception, Pure Consciousness . . . thou Infinite Intelligence directing all things unto harmony and happiness . . . come forth and take thy dominion over my life and world. Quicken all thy Substance unto thee, Oh Great and Mighty Infinite Self I AM, thy Supreme God of Time and Space, thou Oversoul of all the creation. I demand that ye take up thy residence in the fullest way illuminating all things.
(refer to Supreme Actualization link)

Instruction: Waste no time on the discordant conditions of the outer world. Use every moment, every ounce of your energy, to call forth the Cosmic Christ Presence of Love, Supreme Intelligence, and Omnipotent Fire Power of creation that illumines your field of consciousness and forces mankind to see the Light and receive the Love, and embrace the power and authority - their divine right and ability - that is their true Master Power Presence forever.

Call f…

An Excerpt from In the Spirit of Truth

There is a plan for human life to become permanently free from all suffering and human limitation by consciously becoming Immortal. You can raise your life into fulfillment by understanding the hidden Plan and the Law of Life which when acted upon will propel you into having a direct and ongoing spiritual realization experience, validated by the authority of your personal relationship to the Source. Conscious physical immortality can be yours, so that, you gradually transform into a unified expression of the Source – the Father Mother God of us all. As you raise your life into alignment with this plan and higher will, you’ll discover the true meaning of life. There is a great purpose for you to fulfill, and the entire Universe waits upon your attainment.
The key to this attainment of Life Mastery is in allowing your faith to expand into your whole heart and mind. Saturate your whole being with love of Omnipresence. Give yourself unconditionally into this supreme service; for as you a…

Thy Call Home

We all know that the anti-christ is not some being out there...a person of, not at all. The anti-christ is made up of fear and denial, ignorance and arrogance, and that 'anti' energy is within the human being who rebels against moving themselves into the greater life, the Flame of Love within them. So, if you see this energy within you of denial to take responsibility for your feelings, for your errors, for your misqualified energies of destructiveness and discord, and you resist opening yourself to the greater Life Presence within you, and you refuse to acknowledge the Omnipresent God who has given you and I Life, Existence, and Everlasting Sustenance, and if you live in fear of others, fear of revealing thyself to others due to mistrust and self-protectiveness, and if you find that you are arrogant thinking that you know everything already and are quick to react negatively against others and life's circumstances, and if you discover that you have pre-conceived…

Decree of Thy Primordial Fire of Mercy

Invocation and Decree: "I AM Crystal White Fire Body of Bliss Enfolding me in the flesh garment; quicken this garment with thy Sacred Fire Love, Oh Omnipresent Cosmic Christ Fire Power Intelligence . . . come forth into and through this physical life and world, raise all substance unto thy Glory and Perfection, ignite the Kingdoms of the Earth with the Primordial Fire of Mercy . . ."

Instruction: If we say that there is only One Power in the Universes . . . the One God Force or Life Force, then you and I and all others must be that One Life Force Presence. There is nothing else to be, in Truth.

So, that 'phantom ego human self' that masquerades as being real and attempts to be the doer having all kinds of opinions and reactions to life's circumstances and to other people's lives, competing with others to be superior, better than, more intelligent, more in control, etc., that phantom self is absolutely false and does not exist at all whatsoever and has never ex…

Invocation Commanding Transfiguration for thyself and the Kingdoms of the Earth

"Christos I AM  . . . the Life Force Principle I AM enfolding this flesh garment, expand thy radiance in and around and through my life and world here in the physical world. Illuminate this flesh body unto the glory of thy seamless garment of eternal light … bring forth Immortality by transfiguring all Substance divine unto thy pristine glory. Expand thy Kingdom into and through the Earth and all Her Kingdoms of Life." ~EKM
Invoke the above as you breathe deeply and feel your very own Life Presence which is the very same Omnipresent Life individualized as your unique Stream of Life. Give all praise and honor, glory and control to this higher part of you; for we are each the outer part of this Inner Christos . . . the God Force which is Omnipotent and Omniscient.

With full determination, confidence, assurance - faith - that you have all authority, right, power, and ability to call this part of Life which you are forward into and through your physical life, personal world, and …

Becoming a Lord of the Flame

The Precepts of SPIRITUAL SOVRNTY and How to become a Lord of the Flame
“SOVRNTY is the science of energy and vibration. Its principles are as exacting as an unchangeable Law, and the application of these principles is an art form that must be caught by one receptive and hungry for mastery.”
“The powers of Living faith are as ancient as the most historic texts to be found within this world. These powers being ancient can only be accessed by the individual who has a burning desire for Truth and freedom in his or her life.”
“Happiness is when our inner Light, Life, and Intelligence is in a state of expansive radiation, at one with the power of the Universal Intelligence. “
“Fulfillment occurs when we are expressing at one with our indwelling Light and Life, and when the Source of all Light and Life in us is expressing in us, as us, through us, and by us. When the quality, character, and nature of our expression is at one with the intent of the omnipresent Intelligence, we find our poten…

Sovrnty Temple and Retreat Weekly Congregation exists beyond the Limitations of Time and Space

"… a true congregation occurs when participants meet together within the Christ Mind … the Buddha Mind … the Higher Mind of Love and Mercy, Unity and Understanding."
                                                                                                ~ Esu Kumara Michael
Weekly Worldwide Holy Comforter Retreat and Fellowship
Join us from anywhere on the planet - Sunday Mornings at 11am PST and/or Wednesday Evenings at 7pm PST to focus inwards and upwards and receive of the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter energies. Continue to gain valuable traction in your attainment of divine realization and immortality as you participate in our invocations, instruction, and decrees unto the One Universal Life, Light, and Love.
Holy Comforter Fellowship at Sovrnty Temple and Retreat
For those aspirants of Truth who desire to amplify their application and efforts with the Fire Power of Love and the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter guidance, and who are too distant to …

Invoking and Commanding the Power of Cosmic Love

Invocation: Commanding to the Great Intelligence that we all are and the more expanded and awakened part of ourselves in and as the Ascended Host -

"Thou Universal I AM that I AM, I AM the Outer Illumination of thy Enfolding Cosmic Christ Fire Power Love which I AM. Thou Infinite Omnipresent Omnipotence, Pure Sacred Fire Love of the Living Christ that I AM, come forth and quicken all my personal human density and limitation unto thy Immaculate Conception. Raise us upward unto thee in the Transfiguration unto thy Immaculate Life. I AM asking for you to claim thy dominion over all things human and expand thy Kingdom of Light into and throughout the earth."

Instruction: We must recognize and acknowledge the All-pervading Life Energy which we may call the Cosmic Christ, the Supreme, God, the Living Christ, the Cosmic Buddha. Choose your most significant name that you feel a kinship with, yet understand and perceive that you are calling unto thyself for illumination, the quickenin…

Sovrnty Temple and Retreat Welcome Letter unto Thee

Dear Aspirant of the Eternal Light,
I welcome you. We are here to truly assist you. We serve in alignment with the Eternal Father Mother, the great Source of all Life and Light. The Ray of Light that we serve upon extends from this Universal Source, through the Mighty Host of Heaven, unto the terrestrial reality of human life. This avenue of approach unto Truth and Immortality will take you clearly beyond all limitations, and yet, it depends upon your will and determination to succeed.
There is a glorious new dispensation for the earth. This means that seeking to awaken unto the eternal Light within you requires you to sit at ‘the feet of your own divinity’. This approach of mastery requires accountability on your part. It is the only approach that is being supported from the higher octaves. Each must learn to walk on their own by receiving instruction and guidance and then applying this knowledge through their thought, feeling, spoken word, and actions; that is to say, recognizing O…