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Fierceness for Love

Some of you who are reading my posts may not know that I have come into these flesh/dense levels of the Earth directly from the Great Central Sun which is the Center and Source . . . the HUB of all Intelligence, Power, and Love Mercy and the distributing center into the local universes. I come in service to share with those who are at a point in their evolution the absolute way given to all mortal races to become immortal. Some of you who have been reading for awhile now and have been steadily contacting me for appointments or private dialogues with me to help you clarify the divine plan and its direct application of the Law into your personal life so that you can quicken your field of receptivity or consciousness further into light . . . well, as a reminder to you, I wish to tell you that this Holy Comforter Presence of Michael surrounds you and walks with you every step of the way of your journey into Light.
You each have free will to call to any one of the Ascended Host to come and …

Invocation and Decree unto the Universal I AM that I AM

Thy Holy Trinity - Universalis, Eternalis, Infinitis - Great Source and Center- Thou art the pattern for all personalities throughout creation. We seek to fulfill thy One command to perfect ourselves even as thou art!
Supreme Being - thou art the Paradise Triune God of Existence and Eternity and Infinity actualizing within time and space creation - Oh Triune God Creator, thou art traveling and journeying with the unfoldment and actualization of every the universes and every single personality of creation who is a part of thy Supreme Essence - I call thee I AM that I AM  - Omnipresence I AM, Omniscience I AM, Omnipotence I AM - I breathe thee into my personal field of consciousness and receptivity Great Supreme Being that I AM. I AM that I AM - come forth, expand thy Kingdom, flood my field of personal consciousness unto thy Universal Consciousness - quicken all electronic particles of thee unto pure Life, raise up all density and destructive rates of vibration which so dishonor thee,…

Join us from your Home on Wednesday Evenings

Forgiveness, Mercy, and Grace . . . the Flame of Eternal Life is outpoured and distributed to participants even if you are sleeping. Every Wednesday Evening at 7pm PST U.S. - the Immortals through this ministry at Sovrnty - outpour and give freely to humanity the Flame of Everlasting Love, Forgiveness, Mercy, and Grace.

Here's how you can participate: Write to us at: and state your intention to receive of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and the Flame of Forgiveness, Mercy, and Grace in order to be more clearly guided unto the Truth of your own Godhood and to heal yourself from any suffering, pain, or limitations and lack that you may be experiencing in your life. 

Be willing to understand and acknowledge that you have set these conditions into motion through the use of your thought, feeling, spoken word, and actions, and that you are asking for the redemption of that disharmonious energy to be transfigured. Desire to have your own God Flame expand its residenc…

Love is the Way

I live to expand the great Love Flame which is omnipresent, existing everywhere as this One God Force. I live to use its powers and majesty in order to expand the Kingdom of this Love principle, placing it into worldly conditions to end the suffering and distress created by individuals who are working in opposition to this Cosmic Force of Love. I live to glorify Life everywhere by dissolving the destructive rates of vibration and raising up all Life everywhere into the One Light and Love of the almighty God. This One Life Principle everywhere existing is pressing upon life to allow it to come into life's circumstances and dissolve the obstructions to its expansion.
People crave love for a lifetime, yet they don't seem to understand where it is and how to access it. I say, start in small ways to love another...not necessarily the human discordant personality with all of its destructive habits and rebellion, but LOVE the One Life Force that is buried underneath those human habi…

Thou art the One Force of Creative Life

We are each individualizations of the Only Power and Presence throughout all interstellar space. This Supreme Presence is everywhere in every nook and cranny. It is the same as the water of the great oceans. Water fills every part of the oceans and so it is with this one great Water of Life . . . the Supreme Spirit. You and I are each unique individualizations with the very same creative power through our thought and feeling, spoken word and action. This is the way and means that creation is created and circumstances are set into motion. Every experience that you have ever had or will ever have is being set into motion by you in exactly this way. Through the focus of the beam of our attention which is highly charged with divine creative power, we stimulate vibration. Only thought and feeling throughout the universes can set vibration into motion. Only thought and feeling can 'qualify' the unqualified Absolute Intelligence of God who gives of Himself into creation to be shaped…

Worldwide Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Fellowship

I AM come unto the flesh garments of this world to give unto those with the ears to hear and the eyes to see and the mind which desires to learn and receive a greater portion of the Omnipresent Spirit...the waters of Life which I AM.

Say unto Me within this all-pervading Spirit of Truth that you wish to receive of Me just now. Wherever you may be, I will reach to you flooding your mind and heart with My presence and Power, My guidance and directive purpose for you individually. For each is a part of My Being within the Supreme Being of us all; for I am omnipresent and yet, my Spirit is dependent upon your free will reception of Me in order to come into your life and world each day. In this way, ye shall begin to know Me in my expression as Michael of this Universe . . . Son of the Everlasting Father and the Eternal Son of Paradise sent to guide, nurture, and minister unto all this creation. I AM for all to partake of.

Make this statement to Me directly right within thy own heart and m…

Sovrnty guides disciples unto Sovereignty

SOVRNTY is a 501(c) 3 a Non-Profit Religious Corporation in the State of Oregon that serves as a Temple and Retreat of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter. It provides instruction on the Great Laws of Life, their application to your personal circumstances, and the threefold endowment given to humanity for their eternal freedom.
What is Sovereignty (Sovrnty)?
1. The quality or state of being spiritually sovereign by establishing your life in Harmony, Healing, and Pure Happiness. There is a blissful fulfillment in this alignment with the one Life Force; entering into a personal spiritual realization and relationship with the Omnipresent Life which is individualized and enfolds you, as you; the beginnings of personal sovereignty with, in, and of the Primordial Center and Source of all Life which holds the Pattern of Paradise which gave you life and existence; receiving of the threefold endowment, applying it with determination and willingness; recognition of the force of Life which animates…

Invocation and Decree

Invocation: Omnipresence I AM, thou Omnipotent Power and Presence, thy majesty of Pure Love, come forth and annihilate all human destructive rates of vibration within the kingdoms of the Earth. Remove all people who are in positions of worldly power and authority who hold destructive intentions and replace them with those people of the light and the love of God who hold for humanity true peace and everlasting joy and prosperity.

Everywhere present Primordial Fire of Love and Mercy extended to me from my oversoul presence, I breathe into my mind and heart and body this Primordial Fire of Love to wash away all density and human suffering for the body of humanity which I AM. Primordial Fire, come forth with all thy power and glory and renew the earth and all life within her now.

Decree: "I AM the Violet Flame and the Redemption unto Eternal Life."

The Violet Flame is an energy of the Holy Spirit Sacred Fire which extends from the Third Person Center and Source of the Paradise Tr…

Prepare to Receive of the Incoming Cosmic Light Flooding the Earth at this time

I AM come to guide those who are receptive unto Life Everlasting. I have not come for the fools who think they already know everything, nor for the weak minded who cling to man-made religious opinions and hallucinations. I AM come for those who, over lifetimes, have been preparing to take on the greater portion of themselves by applying the Great laws of Life unto their own freedom.

Esu Kumara Michael
The Private Dialogues

Worldly Slavery unto Immortal Sovereignty

The Immortals hold the inner eternal understanding of the Great Creative Word '"I AM". You and I are individualizations of the One God expressing within time and space creation. The Eternal Infinite Source and Center of the Paradise Trinity is the Creator Source of all, yet we are each made of this One God Substance and Fabric . . . the Universal Electronic Substance of Light and Love.
Once we understand this fact of our existence, then we must begin to make conscious use of the creative power that we have at our disposal. Through thought and feeling and spoken word, we set into motion vibration which becomes manifest reality for us . . . it shapes itself through these creative instruments into our destiny.
Misunderstanding this fact of existence leads only to one thing . . . slavery; yet gaining the eternal inner understanding brings us to a point in our evolution that allows for Sovereignty, at one with the spark of God within us that we have fanned into a living Flam…

Wayshower as the Holy Comforter

Embrace true religion as a force for goodness, truth, and beauty. The man-made religious interpretations are not religion but mankind's collective opinions and erroneous beliefs about God and Truth, Love and Freedom. These are imposed upon human beings and should not be recognized as true religion. So do not give up religion, but let go of man-made religious beliefs and all that the churches put forth. Religion is a directly personal revelation of truth and love, God and freedom, and so many more things that each person can only experience in the privacy of their own heart. Once it becomes overly organized it turns into a beast of sorts. It is a supremely individual revealing. My work with aspirants is to help them understand the great laws of life and assist each to apply these very laws to their life circumstances, so that each person comes to a place within themselves of becoming their own authority in the right use of these great laws to free themselves permanently from all d…

The Great Law of Life

Harmony is the great law of life. Maintaining harmony and working to correct the errors of disharmony within thee by applying the law of redemption. The vast majority is hypnotized into believing that the temporal world of appearance and sensory pleasures is going to give happiness, healing, and harmony, yet this is a very popular error in mind. Fixing thine attention upon only the appearances of the world and seeking sensory pleasures will bring about . . . illusion and death . . . degeneration and disease . . . and unending entrapment upon the wheel of re-embodiment. That's Ok, if you like limitation, negativity, and density. Yet if you desire true freedom, a greater unlimitedness, travel to other systems of worlds, deeper connection and consciousness of the Father Principle, then listen further!

As you create and set into motion destructive or negative qualities imposed upon the pure stream of Life, so shall you redeem all disharmonious and destructive qualities at some certai…