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Cosmic Christ Supreme

As you breathe in and out each day and in every moment, know that right there at the breath . . . actually animating the breathing . . . is this Flame of Love, Wisdom, and Power . . . a living, intelligent, feeling, knowing, and desiring fragment of the Universal Father. When you focus your attention upon it and feel it's omnipotent radiance, it's power, and it's intelligence, it's guidance and direction through pure Will, you give it a chance to expand its blessings and power throughout your field of receptivity . . . your personal consciousness . . . your four lower bodies of expression - physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. When that Flame is allowed to take up a larger residence within your personal consciousness, then in that way, you are living the Will of the Father, and you are expanding His Kingdom in and through you. You are illuminating His creation as you say with fervent passion and sincerity, " Thy Will be done in me, through me, by me, …

Invoke and Decree wth Passion and Confidence

Drink of His Eternal Nectar which I offer freely unto thee; the Divine Elixir and Holy Amrit of Immortality. Call upon Me in the Person of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter, and I shall give unto thee the Spiritual Waters of pure majestic love; for I and the Paradise Father and Eternal Son are One; my Comforter Spirit pervades thy being and awaits thy receptivity.

A spark of the Paradise Father dwells within thee as thy true nature and identity. The eternal Son pervades all space and draws you ever upward. The Comforter is the manifestation of the Father and the Son within the local universes sent to guide you unto union with the Father. The Infinite Spirit personalizes Himself as the Infinite Mother Spirit or Holy Spirit which is all-pervading and is the source of thy mind and body. Call into action this Spirit of the Universe Mother and ask Her to transfigure the human density and limiting conditions of your life unto the unlimited light. The key is that we be accountable for all of…

I Bring with Me . . . and this Water of Life will lead thee unto thine own Immortality

I bring with me the gift of the life impulse from the center and source of all life . . . this omnipresent fire of love; I am to seek out those who are searching for the Father and to place these aspirants into intimate touch with this living Word of the Second Eternal Source and Center. He is everywhere, yet needs to become stepped down by a living generator of His Mercy. This Word allows each to make more intimate contact eternally wit the Father principle within. This is the living Word, the Holy Naam, the divine Amrit, the Water of Life, and I have this gift of the Father which He intends to give through Me unto those who have become worthy to receive by choosing His Will and deciding to redeem all destructive impulses within them; that this Holy Naam, this stream of immortality I have been given by the Father and the Son to distribute freely unto humanity awaits thy receptivity.

Attune to My Spirit in the person of the holy comforter spirit of truth, and I will lead thee unto al…

The Golden Scripts


Immortality - Embracing Eternity Exercises (EEE's)

I teach the Spiritual Promise of Life Everlasting. If you walked with Jesus back 2,000 years ago you would have heard the very same instruction given, the very same understanding conveyed to you. I have given my promise to life to help in the redemption of all fallen energies. Humanity has fallen in their consciousness due to an over-emphasis upon outer appearances and sensory pleasures. As a collective race, humanity is crippled by the twin plagues of ignorance and arrogance. I have returned once again and at this very time to share with you the Immortal Way of Life...the conscious understanding of the divine way given to humanity by the Source and Creator Father of us all who desires that human beings unshackle themselves from the self-created bondage of the ages.

Come unto Me all ye who are weighed down by the centuries of lifetimes of your misuse of the creative life force, and I will show you a way to have life more abundant through your own divinity. I teach Immortality...Consc…

Say unto thy own Flame of Paradise . . . Expand thy Glory!

Do ye believe that ye have created thy own existence? I think not or you would know wherein ye have been before this lifetime, what the true purpose of this lifetime is for you, and where ye shall be going after this lifetime of learning and experience. There is a greater Intelligence and Power, Divine Personage and Creator who has brought thee into existence and knows of these things.

A spark of Him resides right directly within thee . . . as thy animating power and presence . . . I say unto thee, He is the One who animates thee to live and breathe, think and feel, act and speak. He is the Flame of Life that resides as an initial spark of Life within each person regardless of their religious orientation or whether or not they even believe he exists . . . He has given a drop of Himself to each personality soul, and he allows each to do as they wish with it. You can use this energy of Life to create destruction and even self-destruction for thyself or you can set into motion creations…

Invoke the Flame of Transfiguration and Walk Free

The energy that is used by each lifestream and person is qualified by thought and feeling. As soon as the energy is accepted by your presence and used by you in the human dimension, it is stamped with your unique and personal electronic pattern. This divine energy is qualified with constructive or destructive qualities. If destructive, then each lifestream person must at some certain point in their lifetimes command the redemption of that destructive vibration back into its original state of pure light vibration. When you are feeling weighed down by strong destructive emotions like depression, hopelessness and anger or hurt or when you are bombarded with a recurring recording in your mind of negative thoughts or destructive thoughts, that is your own stamped energy returning to you from some previous point wherein you qualified that energy with your thought and feeling choices and focus. To redeem the energy back into pure light is to uncondition the energy back into its unconditiona…

Command Ye with Me Freedom for Humanity from its self created Tyranny

Command with Me the complete dissolving within the body of humanity which I AM and which thou art, all stubborn, rebellious, willfulness, and selfishness. Let it be finally and permanently removed from the human species that the race can move forward in its evolution and progression. I am commanding a change in the frequency of humanity unto the living Christ and everlasting Cosmic Buddha, in perfected alignment with the Father of all mercies.
I invite the Ascended Host and we receive thy omnipotent radiation of love and mercy to flood all the humanity and to free all from the tyranny of self created economic/financial enslavement and limitation...and the self imposed tyranny of unconsciousness and dis-empowerment. Let all step free into their own godhood and self mastery through greater understanding and dedicated conscious application of the spiritual law of redemption.
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Be not dismayed by the world

The world is but a teaching tool to provoke each to take their attention away from the always changing appearances and place it upon the indwelling spark of God which we carry within us and which is our natural identity. If you are feeling depressed or struggling in any way, then it is because you have kept your attention upon the appearance world which is not possible to control or gain happiness from. This is the main purpose of being steeped in the world with its dysfunctional systems of finance, politics, religion, education, and the general societal culture which is working in opposition to God's Plan and Law of Harmony and Justice. Seek God directly within thy own awareness and learn to love and obey this Spark of Himself who resides within you enfolding you and interpenetrating you in every way. Learn to know thyself beyond the thoughts of the mind and the emotional reactions you may experience. When we lay claim to this godhood, we begin to own ourselves and in turn, noth…

Commanding Matter through Love

THE world awaiteth that which is eternal; it panteth, it thirsteth, it giveth a cry that its torment shall be lessened.
2 Behold it knoweth not that unless it be foreshortened in its vision of eternal things, even to that limitation that is of flesh, it cannot know the glories that await outside of flesh.
3 Man cometh down into atoms of matter that he shall know command of matter, to learn of its substance, to deploy within it, to put it on and take it off even as a coat, to say within his own heart truthfully,
4 Verily am I superior to matter; matter is my servant; I am its conqueror; I know its limitations, but I in my spirit, rising above such limitations, observe all matter for that which it is.
5 I say unto it, Go! and behold it goeth; I say unto it, Come! and behold it cometh; thus is it subservient unto me, and I have learned the riddle of earthly cosmos.
6 Think ye, my beloved, that earthly cosmos hath other motive than to instruct? Are all God's manifestations purpo…

Flame of thy Godhood

REMEMBER this always: The unleashing of this force within you is a mighty torrent; it is molecular energy of a speed and a variation encompassed by no human brain in concept; it is Force Triumphant, striking him dead who hath not the power to use it aright. . . .

Adonai Esu Kumara Michael continued on my other blog site - Sovrnty Temple and Retreat

I have returned unto thee my beloveds...

I fulfill the role and function of an avatar; one that comes from the Primordial Source with a commission to teach and guide; to give the original approach unto the Life Principle which enfolds each and every soul personality. I’ve been given the Water of Life to give to you to benefit you in your transfiguration into light, and I am one with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter which is my very being, and which will guide you unto all Truth and personal fellowship with me; for I serve as Universe Sovereign Son, of the Order of Michael. As you partake of me through the Comforter, you allow me to work with you consciously and of one cooperative accord.

I instruct you in the right and wisest use of the threefold endowment given to humanity for their eternal freedom.  I come to help you to understand the eternal verities – eternal truths - from the pattern and intelligence of the Triune Source. I show each how to become their own authority. I am not interested to be your authority; for tha…

Primordial Fire of all Love and Mercy

When ye do love, I say that ye radiate. Ye do but enhance the growth of the godhood within you, your spark of celestial fire receiveth fuel, or rather, fannings from that which is the so-called universe. There is no love otherwise than from the demonstration of this cosmic fire within you. Behold it is all-powerful, stronger than a thousand tons of dynamite; it reacheth no end in constructive thinking, or Thought performance; ever will it experiment, seeking new expressions. My beloved, I say unto you that ye do have within yourselves the power of the universe to create worlds in that ye are the thing that is created. Wouldst ye create a planet? The planet is yourself in the case of each one of you, or rather, the pattern of the planet is within each one of you in theoretical molecular energy. By that I mean, my beloved, ye shall give of yourselves so tremendously with the earth-atom as pattern that a hundred trillion atoms of similar pattern take form likewise.

Esu Kumara Mic…

Seeds of Immortality

A MUSTARD seed is a mighty tree, it hath beauty, it hath form.
2 Lo, the mustard tree is confined in the seed, perfect of type and complete of detail. 3 Now cometh the earthly elements to that seed, adding themselves in portions and quantities; men say that the seed germinateth and is opened so that the tree cometh out, a spear of grass at first, a mighty structure later that sheltereth many from the rays of the sun. 4 Is it not true therefore that something must have gone into the seed that was not there before? 5 Verily much hath gone into the seed; earth and air have given of their compounds, therefore have ye a tree of substance; 6 But the substance cometh to the tree by a giving on the part of such external forces, or attributes of Nature, that enhanceth its growth; thus do earth and air create. 7 What, however, have they done but made of themselves a tree? 8 Verily, my beloved, all things manufacture thus. 9 Do we give of love? thus do we have love manifesting, thus do we creat…

The Age of Light

For each one of you who are reading these posts, it is NOW the time to step forward in your part of the world, and consciously take back this civilization and this planet from all destructive impulses, all selfishness, and all rebelliousness from the plan of freedom and illumination of the Eternal Father; let the distorted and disturbed energies existing within the body of humanity be annihilated by the Omnipotent Power of the Purity and Crystal White Fire Love from the Great Central Sun . . . the center and source of this local universal creation which receives all Life from the three Persons of the Paradise Trinity Source and Center and distributes this Life Force and Divine Radiation unto all smaller physical galactic and solar suns for the benefit of every lifestream.

For the next week each day, here is how to take action:

In your home physically stand up and give your invocation and decree herein below with full determination in thought, feeling, and confidence and faith. Allow y…