Open thyself

As you open thyself to our relationship .. and as you raise the standards of what is possible for you to accomplish .. so shall a new and broader consciousness of spiritual strength take its root.
I shall instill in thee an unconquerably strong urge to penetrate thine depths .. to reach for thine heights .. and to prepare thyself for Cosmic Citizenship.
Ye shall transform thyselves .. and become quickened into more of that One God Life.
Ye shall walk upon the earth in greater Wholeness and Health.
In this transformation, you are proclaiming Mine gospel of the Universal Kingdom .. and the very glory of accelerating into this good news for the race of aspiring men and women.
Adonai Christ Michael Of Nebadon
“Thine Holy Deliverance” @uofsalvington

Ye have a destiny to behold

Oh Mine Universal Family...
Ye have a destiny to behold, to become this Living Ideal, and to advance thyselves into the vibratory Kingdom of Heaven.
First, ye shall aspire towards the Perfect Thought Ideal of the First Person of Deity. This Perfect Thought Ideal reveals itself in you as you become Its Word. You are becoming the Perfect Expressionful Word of that Perfect Ideal Thought .. just as the Universal Father becomes the Everlasting Mother Son of Paradise.
Finally, that Perfect Existential Thought Ideal of God the Father which hath revealed Itself as the Expressionful Word of God the Mother Son now shall further extend Itself as the Experiential Perfect Act of God the Spirit.
I sayeth unto you who possess the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the mouth to command .. that you each shall become thine destiny in just this way which mimics the Trinity Parenthood.
Ye shall worship in you this Thought Ideal of Pure Life .. and ye shall then become the Existential Thought Individualized …

Holy Breath of Life

The Holy Breath of Life fills all space. He delivers all lives upwards unto his Life. ...becoming baptized in the Life of the Father's Spirit in you allows for the expansion of his Kingdom  .. the experience of his Divinity .. the expression of his Glory and Esteem.Peace shall fill thine solitary heart as you ask and allow him with full allegiance and admiration. Michael Of Nebadon

Thy freedom

Mine Commands are for thy freedom in the Father's Life and Kingdom...
Mine curriculum is often referred to as the Arc of Ascendancy which comes out of the Second Center and Divine Source of the Person of the Primal Mother Son; and it is this eternal avenue of approach and everlasting technique of personal spiritual communion and prayerful intimacy which shall make of thee Immortals through the divine initiation of Cosmic Citizenship.
I sayeth unto thee .. behold, a portion of the Living Father ..individualized and immense .. inviting and intoxicating .. lives in thee. He breathes you in each moment .. he animates thee in all thine thoughts and feelings and acts.
Give unto the Father's Life what is his to command. Give unto him your allegiance and acknowledgment .. your adoration and aspirations for his Joy Untold...
Christ Michael Of Nebadon

The Global Village of Christ Michael

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Beloveds of the earthly evolutionary journey...
I am personally inviting you tomorrow to our The Global Village Kingdom Tour event with Me.
Those who participate will be given a great blessing upon their personality soul to advance themselves into a fuller portion of the Immaculate Life.
During these events I release My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter .. I quicken participating individuals into greater faith and God Intimacy.
Tomorrow, I will give My Instruction of the Eternity Word of Father Son.
Be not too shy to advance thine Universe Career into Eternity.
Christ Michael Of Nebadon

Thy Permanence of Personhood

I say unto thee .. good day to you all. I am the Michael of our Universe .. we have a purpose together .. and we hold a great mission to explore and experience the existence of eternity. The evolutionary planets are the worlds of human origin .. there are many other civilizations with human life developing upon it. Your planetary sphere is the initial point of your origins for most here .. , these are the  starting worlds of the progressive and ascending mortal career. This planetary society is your starting point, and that point of origin wherein ye shall become eternalized and joined forever with the higher worlds of glory and ascendancy.Ever shall ye advance thyselves inwards to the Center and Revelatory Source of our Parenthood. Yet, here upon this seemingly gentle planet shall you and the Father's Individualized Life Presence shall become eternally wed as one creature .. one being .. personalized and divinized as One; eternalized into higher and grander meanings, fuller aware…

The Global Village of Christ Michael